A Gering, Neb., mother took her kindergartener to the medical center in Scottsbluff with a gait concern. But a physical therapist, a graduate of UNMC, noticed something else, and recommended genetic testing. A UNMC College of Nursing Western Division faculty member, who serves as the nurse for the outreach clinic in Scottsbluff, provided information and comfort. A UNMC genetics clinic came to Scottsbluff, and the family met with a UNMC physician from Munroe-Meyer Institute. After testing, a UNMC certified genetic counselor walked them through the info.

Turns out, she and her other two kids have the condition, too. “Now we know,” the mother said. The university had provided them with knowledge, which is power. She isn’t worried anymore.

And, one more thing: “We didn’t have to travel with our whole family for miles,” 200 miles, to Denver, or 500 miles, to Omaha.

“It’s definitely a blessing,” that young mother said.

This university has been a blessing for this state for a long time.