Primary Care Center

The frontline of U.S. health care

Primary care's importance is growing as health care reform takes place. That's why UNMC is putting emphasis on this critical area with its Primary Care Center for Education, Research & Healthcare Design.

The ranks of primary care providers are growing thin, though, especially in rural communities. According to the New England Healthcare Institute, the United States is in a "crisis in primary care delivery."

As the number of elderly Americans increases and health care reform gives more people access to care, the shortage of these providers will grow more pronounced.

Quality outcomes require care delivered by inter-professional teams, including physicians, nurses, dentists, therapists, social workers and empowered patients. With this in mind, the Primary Care Center for Education, Research and Health Care Design comprises educators from all areas of health care to provide training reflecting an inter-professional approach.


The University of Nebraska Medical Center is the leader of health professions education in Nebraska and must shape the future in order to meet the state’s needs. UNMC’s reputation nationally and internationally in primary care, rural health, allied health, dentistry, pharmacy and nursing positions it to lead in developing new care and education models.

The center’s purpose is to establish education and care models that emphasize care maps, inter-professional team health care delivery, community education, clinical and cost effectiveness, evaluation and systems-based ongoing improvement. The center also will conduct federally and privately funded research on new training and primary care delivery methods.