Emmanuel Awusah Blay, PhD

Department Affiliations
Postdoctoral Trainee, Ouellette/Rucks Lab

Education and Training
BS, Biological Science, School of Biological Sciences, University of Cape Coast, Ghana, 2009
MPhil, Zoology (Applied Parasitology), Department of Animal Biology and Conservation Science, University of Ghana, 2012
PhD, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan, 2018

Notable Publications
Blay EA, Yamabe M, Shimogawara R, Hino A, Kim HS, Ayi I, Kumagai T, Iwanaga T, Ohta N. Insights into the mode of action of 1,2,6,7-tetraoxaspiro [7.11] nonadecane (N-89) against adult Schistosoma mansoni worms. Parasitol Int. (In press)

Yamabe M, Kumagai T, Shimogawara R, Blay EA, Hino A, Koichiro Ichimura, Akira Sato, Hye-Sook Kim, Nobuo Ohta. (2017) Novel synthetic compounds with endoperoxide structure damage juvenile stage of Schistosoma mansoni by targeting lysosome-like organelles. Parasitol Int. 66(1):917-924. doi:10.1016/j.parint.2016.10.013.

Arthur-Mensah R, Blay EA, Larbi J, Suzuki T, Ohta N, Ayi I. (2016) Effectiveness of SP-IPTp for Malaria and Evidence for the Need of T. gondii Infection Preventive Policy during Pregnancy in Ghana. J Infect Dis Epidemiol 2 (3):018

Ayi I, Odoi-Kpoti AS, Blay EA, Suzuki T, Ohta N, Ayeh-Kumi PK. (2016) Toxoplasma gondii Infections among Pregnant Women, Children and HIV Infected Persons in Accra, Ghana. Tropical Medicine and Health. 44:17 

Ayi I, Kwofie KD, Blay EA, Osei JH, Frempong KK, Koku R, Ghansah A, Lartey M, Suzuki T, Boakye DA, Koram KA, Ohta N. (2016) Clonal types of Toxoplasma gondii among immune compromised and immune competent individuals in Accra, Ghana. Parasitology International. Jan 8; 65(3):238-244. 

Blay EA, Ghansah A, Otchere J, Koku R, Kwofie KD, Bimi L, Takashi S, Ohta N, Ayi I. (2015) Congenital Toxoplasmosis and Pregnancy Malaria Detection Post-Partum: Effective Diagnosis and its implication for efficient management of congenital infection. Parasitology International 2015; 64: 603-608

Abu EK, Boampong JN, Ayi I, Ghartey-Kwansah G, Afoakwah R, Nsiah P, Blay EA. Infection risk factors associated with seropositivity for Toxoplasma gondii in a population-based study in the Central Region, Ghana. Epidemiology and Infections. 2015; 143:1904-12