Vandana Singh, PhD

Department Affiliations
Postdoctoral Trainee, Ouellette/Rucks Lab

Education and Training
MSc, VBS Purvanchal University, Jaunpur, India 
PhD, Life Science, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India and CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow, India, 2018 

Honors and Awards
Pre-Doctoral National Research Service Award, Indian Council of medical Research - Senior Research Fellowship, 2014-2017
Vice Chancellor Gold Medal for securing 1st position in University in MSc, V.B.S. Purvanchal University, 2007 

Notable Publications
Dutta D., Srivastava V., Tripathi A., Singh V., Ansari M.M., Pant G., Mishra M., Sharma S., Thota J.R., Singh P.K., and Singh B. N. Mycobacterium bovis sigF mutant exhibits altered surface phenotype and compromised pathogenesis. Tuberculosis (Edinb). 2019 Sep;118:101855.

Singh A. K., Dutta D., Singh V., Srivastava V., Biswas R. K., and Singh B. N. Characterization of Mycobacterium smegmatis sigF mutant and its regulon: overexpression of SigF antagonist (MSMEG_1803) in M. smegmatis mimics sigF mutant phenotype, loss of pigmentation, and sensitivity to oxidative stress. Microbiology Open 2015; 4(6): 896-916.

Singh V., Biswas R. K., and Singh B. N. Double Recombinant Mycobacterium bovis BCG Strain for Screening of Primary and Rationale-Based Antimycobacterial Compounds. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 2014; (58): 1389-1396.

Thakur D., Saxena R., Singh V., Haq W., Katti S. B., Singh B. N. and Tripathi R. K. Human Beta Casein Fragment (54-59) Modulates M. bovis BCG Survival and Basic Transcription Factor 3 (BTF3) Expression in THP-1 Cell Line. PLoS ONE 2012; 7(9): e45905.

Anand N., Singh P., Sharma A., Tiwari S., Singh D., Singh V., Srivastava, K. K., Singh, B. N., and Tripathi, R. P. Evolution of Small Libraries of Triazolylmethoxy Chalcones, Flavanones and 2-Aminopyrimidines and their Bioevaluation as Inhibitors of Mycobacterial FAS-II and PknG. Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry. 2012; (20): 5150-5163.

Arya A., Singh V., Singh B. N., and Tripathi R. P. Synthesis and bio-evaluation of alkylaminoaryl phenyl cyclopropylmethanones as antitubercular and antimalarial agents. Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry 2010; (18): 8289-8301.