Paul Fey, PhD


 BS, Kansas State University
 PhD, Creighton University
 Postdoctoral training, Medical College of Virginia



Investigators in our laboratory address questions related to acquisition of nutrients, specifically secondary carbon and nitrogen sources, and their link to expression of virulence factors within specific niches of the host.  Current studies are centered in understanding amino acid and peptide catabolism, but can extend to a variety of compounds.  Recent published studies have identified major pathways that S. aureus utilizes to catabolize amino acids, but larger questions exist regarding whether staphylococcal proteases cleave specific proteins at the site of infection to gain access to these nutrients.  Other studies in the laboratory are investigating questions related to colonization of various staphylococcal species on the surface of the skin.  What is their function and how do they survive?  Is species diversity important?  Is the mechanism of adherence to the skin surface conserved across all staphylococcal species?  Our laboratory and the Center for Staphylococcal Research is highly collaborative and gives pre- and post-doctoral trainees opportunities for travel to study in various laboratories worldwide.