Graduate FAQs

The goal of the Immunology, Pathology & Infectious Disease Graduate Program is to prepare our students to succeed as future scientists and educators. Our degree program is different than general biomedical sciences as our graduate students participate in an interdisciplinary program firmly grounded in the basic principles of biochemistry, immunology, molecular biology, virology and microbiology. Through individual research efforts, students learn how to design experiments to accomplish their research goals, analyze data and effectively communicate scientific information. The doctoral training program prepares students to pursue successful independent research in academic or industrial arenas.

We provide separated into general categories the frequently asked questions that have been generated by graduate students currently participating in our programs.

If you require further information or clarification, please contact Dr. Singh or Ms. Cechin. 

Rakesh K. Singh, PhD, Professor and Graduate Program Director
DRC II 7070, Zip 5900
Phone: 402-559-9949

Tuire Cechin, Graduate Program Coordinator
DRC II 7001A, Zip 5900
Phone: 402-559-4042