The department offers several elective rotation opportunities to fourth year medical (M4) students. We currently offer four electives, all of which are by arrangement, so students must contact both Dr. Subodh Lele 402-559-5180 and Kim Curry 402-559-7212 before signing up for any pathology elective.

PAMM 720: Anatomic Pathology
(Includes Surgical Pathology, Cytopathology and Autopsy Pathology)
Periods Offered: Each month
Student Limit: 2  (By Arrangement)
Primary Contact: Dr. Subodh Lele
Administrative Contact: Kim Curry at 402-559-7212 
Where to Report: MSB Room 3545 Medical Sciences Building

The M4 student enrolled in this program rotates through the following four divisions of the department: Surgical Pathology, Cytopathology, Hematopathology and Autopsy Pathology.  The pathology faculty, fellows and residents teach and supervise the M4 students during this experience. The program duration for each M4 student is one month. We typically take two M4 students each month and can in some situations expand the program to accommodate 1-2 additional students. Students spend a week on each of the three services (Surgical Pathology, Cytopathology, and Hematopathology) with the option of observing an autopsy at any time during the rotation.


While on the surgical pathology service, the students spend half of their time in the gross room assisting the pathology resident in the gross examination and processing of surgical specimens. They spend the other half of their time microscopically examining surgical specimens with a staff pathologist and resident. While on the cytology service, the student is involved with the microscopic examination of both gynecologic (GYN) and non-GYN cytology specimens with a staff pathologist and in observing fine needle aspirations (FNA) performed by staff pathologists. Students also participate on the autopsy service where they assist the resident pathologist in performing autopsies. The students are expected to attend all of the 8-9 a.m. resident teaching conferences. The students are also expected to attend one interdisciplinary conference per week. At the end of the rotation, the student is required to give a 15-20 minute presentation to the residents and staff pathologists on an anatomic pathology topic of their choice. Evaluation is based on attendance and participation in the rotation activities and conferences as well as on case presentations and the formal presentation at the end of the rotation. The program director is Dr. Subodh Lele.

Activities Hours per week
Didactic Conferences 5
Independent Learning 8
Gross & Microscopic Evaluation of Specimens 25
Preparation of Required Presentation 3
Participation in Interdisciplinary Conferences 1

PAMM 760: Off-Campus Pathology Elective
An Off-Campus Elective Application Form must be submitted for this experience
By Arrangement with Dr. Subodh Lele
Administrative Contact: Kim Curry at 402-559-7212 

PAMM 799: Special Topics
Pathology Staff
Student Limit: 1 per specialty
Periods Offered:  By Arrangement with Dr. Lele and the Staff Pathologist in charge of the specialty area
Contact: Dr. Subodh Lele
Administrative Contact: Kim Curry at 402-559-7212 

Students interested in specific aspects of pathology or desiring a background in pathology for a clinical specialty may undertake intensive study with the staff pathologist(s).  The department faculty has diverse interests to compliment the needs of most students.  These rotations may be tailored to include clinic-pathologic study, or basic research. 
Students will be expected to attend appropriate resident conferences and interdisciplinary conferences related to the specialty area they are studying as agreed upon by their supervising faculty.  Independent study may also be arranged with pathology faculty not listed here. 
Specialty Faculty
Cardiovascular Pathology Dr. Radio
Clinical Chemistry Dr. Sofronescu
Cytology Drs. Baker, Bridge, Lele and Radio
Dermatopathology Drs. DiMaio and Lauer
ENT Dr. Baker
Flow Cytometry Dr. Pirruccello 
Gastrointestinal Pathology Drs. Lazenby, Talmon, Cohen and Swanson
Gynecologic Pathology Dr. Lele
Hematopathology Drs. Amador, Fu, Greiner, Naushad, and Yuan
Immunopathology Dr. Johnson
Microbiology Drs. Fey, Hinrichs and Iwen
Molecular Pathology Drs. Cushman-Vokoun, Greiner, and Bridge
Public Health Microbiology Drs. Iwen, Fey, and Hinrichs
Renal Pathology Drs. Foster and Talmon
Soft Tissue Drs. Bridge, DiMaio and Lauer
Transfusion Medicine Drs. Koepsell and Shunkwiler
Transplantation Pathology Drs. Wisecarver and Radio
Urologic Pathology Dr. Lele
Virology Dr. Hinrichs
Microbiology Drs. Hinrichs and Iwen

Genetic abnormalities in bone
and soft tissue tumors

Dr. Bridge
Biomolecular immunology,
lymphotropic viral oncogenesis and psychoneuroimmunology
Dr. Johnson

M-ID-720: Laboratory Medicine: The Role of the Clinical Laboratory in Patient Care
Credit Hours:  4
Number of Weeks: 4
Available times: March
Student Limit: 3 – 9*
Faculty: dept of Pathology & Microbiology faculty
Primary Contact: Scott Koepsell, M.D., Ph.D.
Program Contact: Kim Curry

Students must make arrangements with Kimberly Curry (Room 3545 Medical Services Building, 402-559-7212) before signing up for ANY Pathology selectives.


 Course Topics

Course Format

The course consists of morning didactic sessions, some case reviews and practical lab cases, as well as participation in bone marrow signout with hematopathology faculty during afternoons as available.  The selective requirement for student independent intellectual effort is fulfilled by library research in preparation for a short (20-minute) student oral presentation to the other members and faculty of the course, plus a short written paper due on the last day of the course.  A final written examination is required.

* Note:  If registration for a course offering is less than the minimum number (3), the course will not be offered at that time.