Bhavana J. Dave, PhD, FACMG

Department Affiliations
Director of Cytogenomics, Warren G. Sanger Human Genetics Laboratory

Clinical Cytogenetics and molecular genetics 

Post-doctoral Research Associate/Clinical Genetics Fellow, Departments of Pediatrics and Pathology and Microbiology, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Munroe Meyer Institute, ABMG accredited clinical genetics training course in clinical cytogenetics, 1998   
Post-doctoral Fellow, Department of Cell Biology, The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, 1994
PhD, Cancer Research (Cell Biology), Faculty of Medicine, Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda, India, 1990
MSc, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, India
BSc (Hons.), Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, India

Notable Publications
Hassan HM, Varney ML, Chaturvedi, NK, Joshi SS, Weisenburger DD, Singh RK, Dave BJ. Modulation of p73 isoforms expression induces anti-proliferative and pro-apoptotic activity in mantle cell lymphoma independent of p53 status. Leuk Lymphoma 2016;57(12),2874-2889.  

Griffin NI, Sharma G, Zhao X, Mirza S, Srivastava S, Dave BJ, Aleskandarany M, Rakha  E, Mohibi S, Band H, and Band V. ADA3 regulates normal and tumor mammary epithelial cell proliferation through c-MYC. Breast Cancer Res. 2016;18(1):113   

El Behery R, Laurini JA, Weisenburger DD, Smith LM, Dave BJ, Yuan J, Fu K, Greiner TC, Chan J, Nathwani BN, Bierman PJ, Bociek RG, Vose JM, Armitage JO, and Aoun PA. Follicular large cleaved cell (centrocytic) lymphoma is a distinctive morphological and clinical variant of follicular lymphoma. Hum Pathol. 2018;72:180-90.

Heavican TB, Bouska A, Yu J, Lone W, Amador C, Gong Q, Zhang W, Li Y, Dave BJ, Nairismägi ML, Greiner TC, Vose J, Weisenburger DD, Lachel C, Wang C, Fu K, Stevens JM, Lim ST, Ong CK, Gascoyne RD, Missiaglia E, Lemonnier F, Haioun C, Hartmann S, Pedersen MB, Laginestra MA, Wilcox RA, Teh BT, Yoshida N, Ohshima K, Seto M, Rosenwald A, Ott G, Campo E, Rimsza LM, Jaffe ES, Braziel RM, d'Amore F,  Inghirami G, Bertoni F, de Leval L, Gaulard P, Staudt LM, McKeithan TW, Pileri S, Chan WC, Iqbal JGenetic Drivers of Oncogenic Pathways in Molecular Subgroups of Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma. Blood 2019; 133:1664-1676.

Smith SC, Althof PA, Dave BJ, Sanmann JN. High-Risk Cytogenetics in Multiple Myeloma: Further Scrutiny of Deletions within the IGH Gene Region Enhances Risk Stratification. Genes, Chromosomes, Cancer 2020;59(10):569-574.

Smith SC, Qdaisat TZ, Althof PA, Dave BJ, Sanmann JN. MECOM rearrangement involving the MYC locus: two additional patients with the rare translocation, t(3;8)(q26.2;q24), and molecular review. Leukemia Research 2020;95:1-5. 

Lv X, He C, Huang C, Hua G, Ma B, Chen X, Timm BK, Maclin VM, Bormann CL, Haggerty AA, Aust SK, Golden DM, Dave BJ, Tseng Y, Rueda BR, Klinkbiel DL, Karpf A, Dong J, Davis JS, Wang C. Reprogramming of Ovarian Granulosa Cells by YAP1 Leads to Development of High-Grade Cancer with Mesenchymal Lineage and Serous Features. Science Bulletin 2020: 65(15),1281-1296. 

Smith SC, Althof PA, Dave BJ, Sanmann JN. Additional comments regarding IGH studies in multiple myeloma. Genes, Chromosomes, Cancer 2021; 60(1), 55-56.

Harris RA, Stevens JM, Pickering DL, Althof PA, Smith LM, Sanmann JN, Dave BJ. Frequency, variations, and prognostic implications of chromosome 14q32 deletions in chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Leukemia Research 110 (2021) published online July (2021)

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