Daniel Harter, MD


Resident, Department of Pathology and Microbiology Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Residency, University of Nebraska Medical Center
2019 MD, University of Colorado School of Medicine, Aurora, Colorado
2011 B.A., Psychology, University of Colorado Boulder, Boulder, CO

Oral presentations

Harter, DA. (2017). The Autopsy: Multi-generational Findings on its Utility and Importance, Oral Presentation presented at Pathology Faculty Conference; Aurora, CO.

Harter, DA. (2018). Teratomas: Histological Appearance and Potential Metastatic Outcomes, Oral Presentation presented at Gynecological Oncology Afternoon Meeting; Aurora, CO.

Harter, DA. (2018). Pathological Evaluation of Multiple Myeloma Using Immunohistochemistry and Comparative Anatomy between Humans and Zoological Species, Oral Presentation presented at Pathology Faculty and Resident Meeting; Aurora, CO.

Harter, DA. (2017). Careers in Medicine, Oral Presentation presented at: Body Shop; Ft. Morgan, CO

Harter, DA. (2016). Renal and Cardiovascular Disease Appearance on Ultrasound for Medical Students, Oral Presentation presented at Ultrasound Interest Group and Emergency Medicine Interest Group Combined Event; Aurora, CO.

Harter, DA. (2017). Discrepancies between Post-Mortem Examination Findings and In-Vivo Clinical Diagnoses, Oral Presentation presented at: Internal Medicine Faculty Meeting; Denver, CO.

Abstracts & Posters

USCAP 2020, March 5, 2020 Los Angeles, CA

“Can IHC4 Profile Help Predict a Low Oncotype Recurrence Score (RS) in Clinically Low Risk Breast Tumors?”, abstract number #2051”

Hobbies and Interests

Swimming, Working out, Reading fiction as well as non-fiction novels, Drawing, Producing podcasts, Cooking