Flow Cytometry

A Resident's day-to-day on the Flow Cytometry Rotation 

The special hematology group, comprised of flow cytometrists and bone marrow technicians, are extremely active.  UNMC performs well over 20,000 individual diagnostic and monitoring flow cytometry assays per year on blood and body fluids using three BD FACSLyric instruments, including wide myeloid and lymphoid panels as well as frequent intracellular staining.  We quantify all products for stem cell transplant, the majority of which are collected in-house and prepared in our on campus GMP-certified manufacturing facility.  We also serve as the referral center for Children’s Hospital of Omaha and perform all flow cytometry for neoplastic and immunologic conditions in the pediatric  populations. Residents are intimately involved in the interpretation of flow cytometric analyses and their communication to clinicians as the need arises. The mornings on the flow cytometry rotation are spent observing and gaining an understanding of the tasks performed by the flow cytometry lab technicians.

Flow cytometry cases are available for preview in the late morning/early afternoon. The resident is expected to preview all flow cytometry cases for the day and be able to prepare preliminary reports prior to sign out with staff. At the end of the rotation, each resident prepares a 15-20 minute case presentation to be presented at the laboratory medicine conference.