TeamSTEPPS-Adapted Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture

Measuring the Effectiveness of TeamSTEPPS

Implementing and sustaining a team training program such as TeamSTEPPS can result in transformational change in the patient safety culture of a hospital.  This change can be measured using the Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture. Because TeamSTEPPS is a training program, it can be evaluated using Kirkpatrick's four-level taxonomy of training criteria, which is widely used to evaluate the effectiveness of training programs.  

NOTE: As of July 2018, the UNMC Patient Safety Team no longer offers services to administer and interpret surveys on patient safety culture. In order for your organization to perform the important work of measuring and continuously improving its patient safety culture, we encourage you to contact the Nebraska Coalition for Patient Safety (NCPS). For more information, please contact Gail Brondum, Executive Director of NCPS.