University of Nebraska Medical Center

Meet Drs. Hunter Creglow and Jared Baxter: Emergency Medicine Fellows

two male physicians in scrubs standing next to an Emergency Department sign
This year the Emergency Medicine Division (ED) welcomes its first fellows: Hunter Creglow, MD, and Jared Baxter, MD. Drs. Creglow and Baxter took time to answer our questions about their experiences and impressions of the division so far. 
What drew you to pediatric Emergency Medicine?
Dr. Creglow:
My first introduction to the world of medicine was actually in college as a volunteer firefighter and EMT for the small town my college was in. Being a firefighter was one of the most enriching experiences I had in college and shaped much of my career path. After my time on the department, I was always drawn to higher acuity medicine and had an intense passion for outreach to smaller rural communities. The emergency medicine field was perfect for this. My choice to work specifically with the pediatric population actually stems more from my family. I have a brother who is about 10 years younger than me who has special needs. Ever since my family was blessed with my brother's arrival, I have been fortunate enough to get more involved in the special needs community. This led me to work with children diagnosed with autism at UNMC's Munroe Meyer institute (MMI) while in medical school. My time at MMI cemented my desire to spend the rest of my career serving the pediatric population to the best of my ability.
Dr. Baxter:
Through my medical school rotations, I realized it was really great to combine my passion for caring for patients in the healthcare setting and also with the *fun* that is only present in pediatric medicine! An additional aspect of pediatrics that drew me toward choosing this career was knowing that we can often make changes in the child's life that could even impact their future children. Last, but not least, I just simply love the variety of visits in the emergency room and the chance to see more acute improvements in the disease processes with which my patients present. So, Pediatric Emergency Medicine is the best option for the combination of everything I love in medicine. 
How do you feel about being one of the first fellows in the program?
Dr. Creglow:
I am very excited for this opportunity. Being part of a first-year program allows me to see how programs are built and to help be part of shaping the program with my co-fellow and the fantastic Pediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM) faculty. Also, not enough can be said about Dr. Donna Moro-Sutherland and Dr. Jim Buscher who have really dedicated so much of their time and effort to creating this program. Through their tireless work, the first few months of this inaugural year have gone far smoother than I could ever ask for. I also feel very blessed to have my co-fellow be an old classmate and friend, not to mention an exceptional physician.
Dr. Baxter:
I'm very excited to be one of the first class of fellows here. It was really great to see the developments in this department and the program coming to fruition during my Emergency Medicine residency at UNMC. My wife and family are very excited that I get to stay here in Omaha to continue my education and training.
What are your impressions of the emergency medicine facilities at Children’s?
Dr. Creglow:
I can't say enough good things about the facilities at Children's. I rotated through Children's multiple times as a medical student at UNMC. However, when I left for residency, this new ED was still under construction. Upon my return for fellowship, I was completely floored by these facilities. They are top of the line and so many people have dedicated their time to creating one of the best facilities I have ever seen. However, the best part of the facilities to me so far has been the initial inclusion, and continued incorporation, of medical providers’ (MDs, DOs, RNs, RTs, CNAs, etc.) feedback into the way this department has been set up. My hope is that this new facility will continue to provide opportunities for collaboration and feedback amongst all medical providers and administration, both in the ED and throughout the Children's network.
Dr. Baxter:
The Children's ER is incredible. The amount of time, money and thought put into the design and function of this department is second to none. I'm so grateful for all the feedback/guidance from the clinicians during this process as well. I'm very lucky to have such an incredible facility in which to complete my training.