Fellow Life

People in our program come from all over the world and we start to become a second family. Fellowship keeps us all busy but we still make time to get together outside of work. Omaha has provided many opportunities for social events. We have gotten together for painting sessions, family outings to the pumpkin patch in the fall, happy hours, and dinners at some of the best restaurants the town has to offer, the possibilities of places are endless. We’ve found these outings are a great way to gather after work with friends and co-workers and unwind from the busy day.

We have some of the most beautiful seasons in Omaha and they offer many outdoor activities. “Jazz on the Green” is held every Thursday evening, throughout July and August, hundreds of people gather on the lawn at Midtown Crossing with blankets and picnic baskets to relax and listen to live jazz bands. Other outdoor events include Storm Chaser baseball games, the famous College World Series every June, and of course trips to the Zoo. Everyone knows you cannot visit or live in Omaha without going to the Zoo at least once. We also enjoy getting together for barbeques at each other’s homes, movie nights, bowling, or play-dates for the kids.

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