Pediatrics is unlike any other specialty in the medical field. You are not only able to interact and help kids but you get to have a profound impact on their life. To go one step further and become a Pediatric Gastroenterologist you not only have to maintain your passion for children but you also have to be prepared to be challenged intellectually as they come to us with severe or complex illnesses. To be the reason a child is feeling better, and ultimately a family is benefited, is one of life’s greatest accomplishments in our field of work.  

Our training is unique to the area as we have the privilege of seeing patients at two separate locations within the Omaha Metro area. This gives us the opportunity to see a diverse patient population with multiple different diagnoses. It brings together pediatric and subspecialty education while allowing constant involvement in our community and hospitals.

Our faculty remain dedicated to the teaching of our fellows and are recognized as leaders both professional and personally. They serve as key mentors in the fellowship assisting in whatever capacity is needed. They also hold a big role in accomplishing scholarly activity and research opportunities.

I would like to thank you for your interest in our program. If you have any questions about the page, program or anything in general please contact Jessie Coyer, our Fellowship Program Coordinator, or myself for further information.


Ruben Quiros, MD
Program Director