Program Leaders

Program Directorquiros

 Ruben Quiros, MD
Chief, Pediatric GI, Hepatology & Nutrition  Medical Director, Pediatric Liver & Intestinal Transplantation
Dr. Quiros grew up in Panama City, Panama. After he received his medical degree in Panama he pursued his residency in Children’s Hospital of Panama as well as a residency in Philadelphia. He then attended a Gastroenterology and Nutrition Fellowship at UCLA in Los Angeles, California. Directly after his first fellowship he went into an advanced clinical fellowship for another two years. After many years of schooling he and his growing family put down roots in Rochester New York as the Director of the Pediatric Hepatology Program.

After a few years he decided to move on taking on many roles at Texas Children’s Hospital and University of Texas in Houston, Texas. Dr. Quiros and his family stayed in Texas until their final move to Omaha, Nebraska. Here, Dr. Quiros took on again, many roles. Now, he is not only the Fellowship Program Director for the Pediatric, GI, Hepatology and Nutrition program but also is the Medical Director for the Pediatric Liver/Intestinal Transplantation with the Lied Transplant Center as well as the Chief of Pediatric GI, Hepatology, and Nutrition Program. Needless to say, Dr. Quiros is a very busy man. After many internships, committees, awards, distinguished roles and recognition Dr. Quiros still remains very patient and humble. He has an open door policy and is always willing to listen or help someone in need. He has brought this program to where it is, and he has no plans of stopping any time soon!

Program Coordinator

Jessie Coyer Picture to come soon
Since March 2014 Ms. Coyer has been the Pediatric GI, Hepatology & Nutrition Fellowship Coordinator while working alongside the management staff at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center to ensure a smooth and effortless Pediatric GI division. Upon assuming this role she brought new excitement and life to the program. The fellows count on Ms. Coyer for her organization, time management and motherly role in their lives. They trust her knowledge and rely on her advice. She is also instrumental in the recruitment process and goes out of her way to make every applicant feel accepted. Her personality makes everyone she comes into contact feel as if you’re an old friend.

Prior to coming to UNMC, Ms. Coyer worked for Alegent Creighton Health for 14 years in different healthcare areas, so she is very well versed in the medical field. She has said she grew up working in healthcare and loves seeing an impact of her hard work. She enjoys working alongside like-minded individuals who don’t want to settle but make a difference in the lives around her.

Assistant Professors

Fernando Zapata, M.D. Picture to come soon
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Dr. Zapata completed his residency training from the Universidad Libre, Cali, in Colombia, South America in 1995. He then completed a Pediatric residency at Maimonides Medical Center in New York, followed by his Pediatric GI Fellowship at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center also in New York. Upon completion of his training he became a Pediatric Gastroenterologist in South Dakota. In 2004 Dr. Zapata moved to Omaha to pursue his current role as assistant professor. Dr. Zapata maintains many awards, certificates and memberships. Dr. Zapata is truly a patient advocate and his patients dote on and admire him.

Shaija Shelby, M.D.   Picture to come soon
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Dr. Shelby received her M.D. in India where she grew up. She spent a year in Australia as a junior resident before coming to Omaha to complete her residency in pediatrics in 2011from the UNMC/Creighton program. After completion of her residency training Dr. Shelby stayed to finish a Peds GI fellowship. Dr. Shelby has received many grants for her works in research and has published many articles, manuscripts and abstracts under her name. She is currently very active and involved on the research end at Children’s Hospital and Medical Center and UNMC, we know she will make great advances in the field.

Mark Kusek, M.D. Picture to come soon
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Dr. Kusek received his M.D. at UNMC in 2008. From there he completed his residency in South Carolina and two fellowships. His first fellowship was his Pediatric GI fellowship in Massachusetts at Massachusetts General Hospital for Children, directly followed by a Pediatric Motility Fellowships at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio. Dr. Kusek recently moved back to the Omaha area to begin working at Children’s Hospital and Medical Center. Dr. Kusek brings a lot of new ambition to the program and we are anxious to see where it takes our section.

Hanh Vo, M.D. Picture to come soon
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Dr. Vo recently graduated as an Advanced Pediatric Hepatology Transplant Fellow from the University of Alberta in Edmonton Canada. Prior to that she studied as a Pediatric GI Fellow in SUNY Downstate College of Medicine in New York. She received her M.D in Vietnam. She joins us as the second Pediatric Hepatology at UNMC and we are thrilled with the possibilities she brings.

Sarika Aggarwal, M.D. Picture to come soon
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Dr. Aggarwal completed her Pediatric Residency at Purdue University in Indiana. She followed that with her Pediatric GI Fellowship at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. She joins us at Children’s Hospital and Medical Center as a recent graduate and we are excited to see where her journey takes her.

Emille Reyes, M.D. Picture to come soon
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Dr. Reyes is our third Transplant Hepatologist to join our team. She recently finished her Pediatric Transplant Hepatology Fellowship at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Prior to leaving for her Hepatology Fellowship Dr. Reyes successfully completed her Pediatric Gastroenterology Fellowship at UNMC. Dr. Reyes completed her residency in Puerto Rico after she received her medical degree. Dr. Reyes is great addition to have on our team and our patients are excited to have her back as well.

Andrew Huang, M.D. Picture to come soon
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Dr. Andrew Huang completed his Pediatric Gastroenterology training here at UNMC.  He completed his residency at Miami Childrens Hospital where he has recruited current fellows in our program as well.  Dr. Huang has been a great resource being fresh out of his fellowship, bringing clear insight into a role of an attending.