House Officer Salaries and Benefits

House Officer Salaries for 2022-2023

HO I                       $61,358

HO II                      $63,629

HO III                     $66,222

HO IV                    $68,583

HO V                     $70,984

HO VI                    $73,275

HO VII                   $76,977

HO VIII                  $80,827



  1. Twenty working days paid vacation.
  2. Professional leave with pay for approved meetings.
  3. Sick leave – six months accrual after two years employment.
  4. Comprehensive group health coverage.
  5. Low-rate automatic eligibility disability coverage available.
  6. Lab coats provided at university expense at the beginning of residency.
  7. Laundering of lab coats provided.
  8. $300/house officer appropriation to department for house officer education.
  9. Travel money for residents investigating practice locations in Nebraska.
  10. Reimbursement for travel to and from required training sites more than 25 miles from the Medical Center.
  11. Preferential eligibility for parking.
  12. Evening and breakfast meal allowance while on call at the Nebraska Medical Center.
  13. $7.00 meal card per day provided by the Nebraska Medical Center.
  14. Liability coverage for moonlighting with advance approval from Program Director and Office of Graduate Medical Education.
  15. Tuition credit of 15 credit hours/year for employee and immediate family to UNO, UNL, UNK and UNMC.
  16. Free workout options, Clarkson Wellness Center, Lied Exercise Room and Bellevue Medical Center (excludes Student Life Center).
  17. Full-time House Officer Assistance Program manager
  18. Central house officer lounge with complimentary food on weekends - Room 3441-University Tower.