The research portion of the fellowship occurs predominantly in the 2nd and 3rd years of training. Fellows will have significant protected time to pursue their scholarly activity. The American Board of Pediatrics defines scholarly activity in broad terms and could include bench research, clinical research, education and quality improvement initiatives. The University of Nebraska Medical Center has many resources to help fellows with their research projects. The division has access to 3 full-time research assistants. There are many ongoing clinical trials that fellows are encouraged to explore. The Learning and Leadership Collaborative (LLC) meets monthly to work on Quality Improvement (QI) initiatives. Faculty within the division are eager to serve as mentors for fellows during their pursuit of scholarly activity. The fellow’s project is overseen by a Scholarly Oversight Committee (SOC).

The Newly Launched Child Health Research Institute (CHRI) is an innovative partnership between UNMC and Children's launched to change - and save- young lives. CHRI is a valuable tool to help fellows with research opportunities