Pediatric Fellows Academy

The goal of this program is to enhance teaching, writing, research skills and professional development for resident and fellow learners who plan to pursue academic careers in Pediatrics. The curriculum will include core topics to be addressed annually within the curriculum, including developing a research question, development of a portfolio and interview skills for professional/academic career applications and preparation of abstracts and posters for scientific meetings, as well as a longitudinal curriculum to be covered over the entire three-year experience. It will also include a regularly scheduled fellows writing and research work-in-progress group, as further outlined below.



By participating in this track, residents and fellows will be able to:

  1. Design approaches for teaching at the bedside and in more formal classroom / presentation formats.
  2. Identify an area of study, with a defined question, research plan and presentation/publication strategy to disseminate this knowledge.
  3. Develop professional skills important for career development in academic medicine, including establishing mentoring relationship, presenting an academic portfolio and interviewing.

To achieve these objectives, we will cover the following topics each year in the monthly curriculum:

  1. Identifying a research question
  2. Portfolio development/Job interviews
  3. Writing abstracts and designing scientific posters / platform presentations

In addition, the following topics will be covered in the remaining sessions over a 3-year schedule:

  1. Classroom and bedside teaching techniques
  2. Communication
  3. Developing a teaching portfolio
  4. Mentor/Mentee relationships
  5. Evaluation and feedback
  6. Introduction to statistics
  7. Epidemiology
  8. Accessing the library resources and performing a literature review
  9. Critically reviewing literature
  10. Writing for medical/scientific publication
    1. Case reports
    2. Book chapters
    3. Manuscripts
  11. Grant writing
    1. Focused session on Departmental grant program
  12. Research regulatory affairs (IRB, IACUC, IBC)
  13. Clinical research
    1. Clinical trials training
    2. Working with the Pediatric Research Office
  14. Quality Improvement
  15. Choosing and maneuvering scientific conferences
  16. Transitioning to faculty/practice
    1. CV / portfolio development / Promotion
    2. Career Pathways
    3. Job Search, Interviewing & negotiation
    4. Transitioning from trainee to faculty

Additional topics may be added based on fellow interests throughout the series. An annual needs assessment is performed to determine content and delivery.

The Fourth Friday of the Month at Noon – currently, all Pediatric Fellows Academy are via zoom.

Previous Talks Include:

  • Learning About Learning by: Courtney McLean, MD - Neonatology
  • Quality Improvement by: Rachel Spitznagel, MD – Pediatric Anesthesiology
  • Choosing A Research Questions by: Ann Anderson Berry, MD, PhD – Neonatology and director of CHRI
  • Systematic Reviews, Meta-Analsyses and Utilizing the Library by: Cindy Schmidt, MD, MLS – UNMC Librarian
  • Wellness by: Jason Burrows, MD – Pediatric Hospitalist
  • What is CHRI? By: Sara Warta, BSN, RN
  • Grant Writing by: Terri Mauch, MD – Nephrology
  • From Fellow to Faculty: What to consider in finding your career path, by: Kari Simonsen – Pediatric Infectious Disease and Chair of Pediatrics