Senior Electives

All electives in Pediatrics must be pre-arranged. To review the available electives, select from the menu below to open a detailed description of the course and specific contact information.

To schedule an elective, send an email to Joy Higgins (Email).

NOTE:  Electives are initially assigned by lottery. When you submit your electives, it is advisable to provide your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd month choices for the elective; e.g., Pedi ID -1st choice Aug, 2nd choice Oct, 3rd choice July. Email your selections to Joy Higgins (Email).

You will be notified of your schedule by email.

If you have any scheduling questions, please contact Joy Higgins, Room 3135 UT, 402-559-9280, Email.  All other questions should be directed to Vicky Nakibuuka-Muli at 402-559-0685, Email.

Good luck with your M4 year. We hope you have a successful and educational experience.