Faculty Publications


Pediatric Faculty Publications (2017)

Mouledoux J, Guerra S, Ballweg J, Li Y, Walsh W, A novel, more efficient, staged approach for critical congenital heart disease screening. , J Perinatol 37 3 288-290 2017 , PMID: 27831548

Paul A. Estabrooks; Kathryn E. Wilson; Todd J. McGuire; Samantha M. Harden; Nithya Priya Ramalingam; Lia Schoepke; Fabio A. Almeida; Amy L. Bayer , A Quasi-Experiment to Assess the Impact of a Scalable, Community-Based Weight Loss Program, Journal of General Internal Medicine 32  24-31 2017  2-s2.0-85014515419, PMID: 28271423

Shelby Kutty; Quanliang Shang; Navya Joseph; Johannes T. Kowallick; Andreas Schuster; Michael Steinmetz; David A. Danford; Phillip Beerbaum; Samir Sarikouch , Abnormal right atrial performance in repaired tetralogy of Fallot , International Journal of Cardiology 2017  2-s2.0-85023624830, PMID: 28712562

Nikki Miller Ferguson; Ajit Sarnaik; Darryl Miles; Nadeem Shafi; Mark J. Peters; Edward Truemper; Monica S. Vavilala; Michael J. Bell; Stephen R. Wisniewski; James F. Luther; Adam L. Hartman; Patrick M. Kochanek , Abusive head trauma and mortality-an analysis from an international comparative effectiveness study of children with severe traumatic brain injury , Critical Care Medicine 45 8 1398-1407 2017  2-s2.0-85018819567, PMID: 28430697

S. Peeples , An evaluation of hydrocortisone dosing for neonatal refractory hypotension , Journal of Perinatology 37 8 943-946 2017 2-s2.0-85019840468, PMID: 28518133

Vincent C. Thomas; Mark Peterson; Martin McDaniel; Humberto Restrepo; Abraham Rothman; Amit Jain , Analysis of Screening Electrocardiogram for the Subcutaneous Defibrillator in Adults with Congenital Heart Disease , Pediatric Cardiology 38 6 1162-1168 2017 , PMID: 28534239

Kukora S, Gollehon N, Laventhal N , Antenatal palliative care consultation: implications for decision-making and perinatal outcomes in a single-centre experience. , Arch. Dis. Child. Fetal Neonatal Ed. 102 1 F12-F16 2017 , PMID: 27638112

Meaghann S. Weaver; Scott C. Howard; Lorna Renner; Mhamed Harif; Catherine G. Lam , Assessing National Cancer Control Plan Knowledge, Prioritization, and Engagement Through a Pediatric Oncology Cancer Control Workshop , Journal of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology 39 5 362-364 2017 , PMID: 28486261

Don W. Coulter; Angela D. Boettner; Zbigniew P. Kortylewicz; Stephen P. Enke; Jake A. Luther; Vivek Verma; Janina Baranowska-Kortylewicz, Butyrylcholinesterase as a Blood Biomarker in Neuroblastoma, Journal of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology    2017  2-s2.0-85017175704, PMID: 28375942

Mark Mills; Mohammed Alwatban; Benjamin Hage; Erin Barney; Edward J. Truemper; Gregory R. Bashford; Michael D. Dodd , Cerebral Hemodynamics During Scene Viewing , Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance 2017  2-s2.0-85015627966, PMID: 28287758

Vinod Kumar; Virender Kumar; Timothy McGuire; Donald W. Coulter; John G. Sharp; Ram I. Mahato , Challenges and Recent Advances in Medulloblastoma Therapy, Trends in Pharmacological Sciences 2017  2-s2.0-85031712572, PMID: 29061299

Eimear McGovern; Eoin Kelleher; Aisling Snow; Kevin Walsh; Bassem Gadallah; Shelby Kutty; John M. Redmond; Colin J. McMahon , Clinical application of three-dimensional printing to the management of complex univentricular hearts with abnormal systemic or pulmonary venous drainage , Cardiology in the Young 1-9 2017  2-s2.0-85011702189, PMID: 28162139

Neemann K, Freifeld A , Clostridium difficile-Associated Diarrhea in the Oncology Patient. , J Oncol Pract 13 1 25-30 2017 , PMID: 28084880

Chani Traube; Gabrielle Silver; Ron W. Reeder; Hannah Doyle; Emily Hegel; Heather A. Wolfe; Christopher Schneller; Melissa G. Chung; Leslie A. Dervan; Jane L. Digennaro; Sandra D W Buttram; Sapna R. Kudchadkar; Kate Madden; Mary E. Hartman; Mary L. Dealmeida; Karen Walson; Erwin Ista; Manuel A. Baarslag; Rosanne Salonia; John Beca; Debbie Long; Yu Kawai; Ira M. Cheifetz; Javier Gelvez; Edward J. Truemper; Rebecca L. Smith; Megan E. Peters; Am Iqbal O'Meara; Sarah Murphy; Abdulmohsen Bokhary; et al , Delirium in Critically Ill Children , Critical Care Medicine 45 4 584-590 2017 , PMID: 28079605

Jiin Felgner; Aarti Jain; Rie Nakajima; Li Liang; Algis Jasinskas; Eduardo Gotuzzo; Joseph M. Vinetz; Fabio Miyajima; Munir Pirmohamed; Fatimah Hassan-Hanga; Dominic Umoru; Binta Wudil Jibir; Safiya Gambo; Kudirat Olateju; Philip L. Felgner; Stephen Obaro; D. Huw Davies , Development of ELISAs for diagnosis of acute typhoid fever in Nigerian children PLoS , Neglected Tropical Diseases 11 6  2017 , PMID: 28640809

George T. Lyozin; Yasuhiro Kosaka; Gourab Bhattacharje; H. Joseph Yost; Luca Brunelli , Direct isolation of seamless mutant bacterial artificial chromosomes, Current Protocols in Molecular Biology 2017  8.6.1-8.6.29 2017  2-s2.0-85025091988, PMID: 28369677

Christopher C. Erickson , Discrimination of the Athlete's Heart from real disease by electrocardiogram and echocardiogram, Cardiology in the Young 27 S1 S80-S88 2017 , PMID: 28084953

Eric T. Rush; Craig V. Baker; William B. Rizzo , Dolichol kinase deficiency (DOLK-CDG) , American Journal of Medical Genetics, Part A 173 9 2428-2434 2017  2-s2.0-85028611929, PMID: 28816422

Sachit A. Patel; Heather A. Allewelt; Jesse D. Troy; Paul L. Martin; Timothy A. Driscoll; Vinod K. Prasad; Joanne Kurtzberg; Kristin M. Page; Suhag H. Parikh , Durable Chimerism and Long-Term Survival after Unrelated Umbilical Cord Blood Transplantation for Pediatric Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis , Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation 2017  2-s2.0-85025470329, PMID: 28647558

Massimiliano Cantinotti; Raffaele Giordano; Michele Emdin; Nadia Assanta; Maura Crocetti; Marco Marotta; Giorgio Iervasi; Leo Lopez; Shelby Kutty , Echocardiographic assessment of pediatric semilunar valve disease, Echocardiography    2017  2-s2.0-85017356691, PMID: 28370410

Shivani G. Patel; Michele A. Frommelt; Peter C. Frommelt; Shelby Kutty; Jonathan W. Cramer , Echocardiographic Diagnosis, Surgical Treatment, and Outcomes of Anomalous Left Coronary Artery from the Pulmonary Artery , Journal of the American Society of Echocardiography 2017  2-s2.0-85021215083, PMID: 28651802

Felix Ratjen; Christopher Hug; Gautham Marigowda; Simon Tian; Xiaohong Huang; Sanja Stanojevic; Carlos E. Milla; Paul D. Robinson; David Waltz; Jane C. Davies; Margaret Rosenfeld; Timothy Starner; George Retsch-Bogart; James Chmiel; David Orenstein; Carlos Milla; Ronald Rubenstein; Seth Walker; Alexandra Cornell; Fadi Asfour; Philip Black; John Colombo; Deborah Froh; Susanna McColley; Fadel Ruiz; Diana Quintero; Alicia Casey; Gary Mueller; Patrick Flume; Floyd Livingston; Michael Rock; Brian O'Sullivan; et, Efficacy and safety of lumacaftor and ivacaftor in patients aged 6-11 years with cystic fibrosis homozygous for F508del-CFT, The Lancet Respiratory Medicine 5 7 557-567 2017  2-s2.0-85020383955, PMID: 28606620

Bryce B. Reeve; Molly McFatrich; Laura C. Pinheiro; Meaghann S. Weaver; Lillian Sung; Janice S. Withycombe; Justin N. Baker; Jennifer W. Mack; Mia K. Waldron; Deborah Gibson; Deborah Tomlinson; David R. Freyer; Catriona Mowbray; Shana Jacobs; Diana Palma; Christa E. Martens; Stuart H. Gold; Kathryn D. Jackson; Pamela S. Hinds , Eliciting the child's voice in adverse event reporting in oncology trials , Pediatric Blood and Cancer 64 3  017 , PMID: 27650708

Kulkarni; L. Li; M. Craft; M. Nanda; J. M.M. Lorenzo; D. Danford; S. Kutty , Fetal myocardial deformation in maternal diabetes mellitus and obesity , Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology 49 5 630-636 2017 2-s2.0-85018967613, PMID: 27218437

Joby Varghese; Shelby Kutty; Karl Stessy Bisselou Moukagn; Mary Craft; Ibrahim Abdullah; James M. Hammel , Five-year experience with immediate extubation after arterial switch operations for transposition of great arteries, European Journal of Cardio-thoracic Surgery 51 4 728-734 2017 , PMID: 28199509

Julia A. Meyer; Delu Zhou; Clinton C. Mason; Jonathan M. Downie; Vladimir Rodic; Minnie Abromowitch; Birte Wistinghausen; Amanda M. Termuhlen; Anne L. Angiolillo; Sherrie L. Perkins; Mark A. Lones; Phillip Barnette; Joshua D. Schiffman; Rodney R. Miles, Genomic characterization of pediatric B-lymphoblastic lymphoma and B-lymphoblastic leukemia using formalin-fixed tissues, Pediatric Blood and Cancer 64 7  2017 , PMID: 27957801

Meaghann Weaver , Healing Touch: Positively Sharing Energy in a Pediatric Hospital, J Pain Symptom Manage 2017 Aug, 54(2): 259-216 2-s2.0-85011337858 , PMID: 28063869

Karmakar S, Seshacharyulu P, Lakshmanan I, Vaz AP, Chugh S, Sheinin YM, Mahapatra S, Batra SK, Ponnusamy MP, hPaf1/PD2 interacts with OCT3/4 to promote self-renewal of ovarian cancer stem cells, Oncotarget 8 9 14806-14820 2017 , PMID: 28122356

Shrabasti Roychoudhury; Somsubhra Nath; Heyu Song; Muralidhar L. Hegde; Larry J. Bellot; Anil K. Mantha; Shiladitya Sengupta; Sutapa Ray; Amarnath Natarajan; Kishor K. Bhakat , Human apurinic/apyrimidinic endonuclease (APE1) is acetylated at DNA damage sites in chromatin, and acetylation modulates its DNA repair activity , Molecular and Cellular Biology 37 6 2017 , PMID: 27994014

Somjate Suntratonpipat; Nee S. Khoo; Timothy Colen; Mohammed Alhabdan; Dongngan Troung; Norazah Zahari; Shelby Kutty; Jeffrey F. Smallhorn; Edythe B. Tham , Impaired Single Right Ventricular Function Compared to Single Left Ventricles during the Early Stages of Palliation , Journal of the American Society of Echocardiography 2017  2-s2.0-85014232937, PMID: 28268110

Katrina M. Burchett; Asserewou Etekpo; Surinder K. Batra; Ying Yan; Michel M. Ouellette, Inhibitors of telomerase and poly(ADP-ribose) polymerases synergize to limit the lifespan of pancreatic cancer cells, Oncotarget 8 48 83754-83767 2017  2-s2.0-85031009238, PMID: 29137380

Eveline Teresa Hidalgo; Cordelia Orillac; Andrew Hersh; David H. Harter; William B. Rizzo; Howard L. Weiner , Intrathecal Baclofen Therapy for the Treatment of Spasticity in Sjögren-Larsson Syndrome , Journal of Child Neurology 32 1 100-103 2017  2-s2.0-85006380833, PMID: 28257279

Lian Tian; Monica Neuber-Hess; Jeffrey Mewburn; Asish Dasgupta; Kimberly Dunham-Snary; Danchen Wu; Kuang Hueih Chen; Zhigang Hong; Willard W. Sharp; Shelby Kutty; Stephen L. Archer , Ischemia-induced Drp1 and Fis1-mediated mitochondrial fission and right ventricular dysfunction in pulmonary hypertension, Journal of Molecular Medicine 95 4 381-393 2017  2-s2.0-85014546304, PMID: 28265681

Kutty, Shelby Johannes T. Kowallick; Miguel Silva Vieira; Shelby Kutty; Joachim Lotz; Gerd Hasenfuß; Amedeo Chiribiri; Andreas Schuster , Left atrial performance in the course of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy , Investigative Radiology 52 3 177-185 2017  2-s2.0-85013250293, PMID: 27741021

Ling Li; Mary Craft; Hao H. Hsu; Ming Zhang; Berthold Klas; David A. Danford; Shelby Kutty, Left Ventricular Rotational and Twist Mechanics in the Human Fetal Heart, Journal of the American Society of Echocardiography 30 8 773-780.e1 2017  2-s2.0-85020219784, PMID: 28599825

Lingsheng Li; Danetta H. Sloan; Ambereen K. Mehta; Gordon Willis; Meaghann S. Weaver; Ann C. Berger , Life perceptions of patients receiving palliative care and experiencing psycho-social-spiritual healing , Annals of Palliative Medicine 6 3 211-219 2017  2-s2.0-85025073639, PMID: 28595446

Quanliang Shang; Shivani Patel; Michael Steinmetz; Andreas Schuster; David A. Danford; Philipp Beerbaum; Samir Sarikouch; Shelby Kutty , Myocardial deformation assessed by longitudinal strain , European Radiology   1-10 2017  2-s2.0-85029001144, PMID: 28875228

Tara M. Nordgren; Elizabeth Lyden; Ann Anderson-Berry; Corrine Hanson, Omega-3 fatty acid intake of pregnant women and women of childbearing age in the united states, Nutrients 9 3  2017 , PMID: 28245632

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Keri A. Tallman; Hye Young H Kim; Zeljka Korade; Thiago C. Genaro-Mattos; Phillip A. Wages; Wei Liu; Ned A. Porter , Probes for protein adduction in cholesterol biosynthesis disorders , Redox Biology 12  182-190 2017  2-s2.0-85014101322, PMID: 28258022

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Nicholas D. Fogleman; Silke Apers; Philip Moons; Stacey Morrison; Samuel G. Wittekind; Martha Tomlin; Kathy Gosney; Maayke A. Sluman; Bengt Johansson; Junko Enomoto; Mikael Dellborg; Chun Wei Lu; Raghavan Subramanyan; Koen et al , Regional variation in quality of life in patients with a Fontan circulation , Am Heart J. 2017 Nov, 193:55-62 2-s2.0-85028920376 , PMID: 29129255

Shivani G. Patel; Peter Woolman; Ling Li; Mary Craft; David A. Danford; Shelby Kutty , Relation of Right Atrial Volume, Systemic Venous Dimensions, and Flow Patterns to Right Atrial Pressure in Infants and Children American, Journal of Cardiology 119 9 1473-1478 2017 , PMID: 28256251

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