Durham Research Center and Durham Research Center IICharles Durham statue-DRC

In November 2003, then-Chancellor Harold M. Maurer, MD, donors and the university campus celebrated the opening of the 10-level Durham Research Center (DRC).

"A strong research program fuels both education and patient care," Maurer said. "Teaching is better because the faculty have the latest information, clinical care is better because the physicians have access to cutting-edge treatments. Also, that building will attract the best students, residents and faculty. This is really a beacon for the future."

The Durham Research Center houses 116 laboratories. Thomas Rosenquist, PhD said, "The Durham Research Center enables us to arrange UNMC researchers into multi-department, multi-disciplinary research groups for the first time ever. This will result in interactive research programs and provide for greater grant funding opportunities."

The DRC II sits directly south of the original DRC at the northwest corner of Emile Street and Durham Research Plaza (formerly 45th Street). Opening in May 2009, DRCII has 10 levels, 95 laboratories and 252,179 gross square feet. The late Charles Durham, former CEO and chairman of the engineering and architectural firm HDR, Inc., provided the lead gifts for both research towers.

The two buildings, which are connected on the atrium level, anchor the west end of the UNMC campus known as the Durham Research Plaza.