2014 Department Symposium


2014 department symposium

The PEN department symposium was held August 26, 2014. The annual event is organized by the department's Graduate Students.

This year's event focused on four topics in a panel discussion format:

Student Chairs:  Kristi Anderson and Katherine Olson
Panel Members:  Dr. Amy Hellman, Dr. Tomomi Kiyota, Dr. Jason Bartz, and Dr. Jianuo Liu

Antiviral Drugs and Drug Delivery Systems
Student Chairs:  Pavan Puligujja and James Hilaire
Panel Members: Dr. JoEllyn McMillan, Dr. Joseph Vetro, Dr. Tatiana Bronich, Dr. Benson Edagwa, and Dr. XinMing Liu

Student Chairs: Emily Harrison and Nicholas DeKover
Panel Members: Dr. Jyothi Arikkath, Dr. Anna Dunaevsky, and Dr. Woo-Yang Kim

Drugs of Abuse
Student Chairs: Lu Yang and Yu Cai
Panel Members: Dr. Sowmya Yelamanchili, Dr. Rick Bevins, and Dr. Minglei Guo

A reception was held in the evening. Students showcased posters from recent meetings, had an opportunity to mingle with faculty, and enjoyed time out of the lab with fellow students.