Stipend Support & Scholarships

All students in the IGPBS-Neuroscience graduate program receive fellowship support for their entire graduate training period.

Stipends are currently $26,500 per year. First year stipends are provided by either the department or The Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences (IGPBS). Stipends for subsequent years are provided by the research advisor or through various internal and external fellowship.

Students are encouraged to apply for additional funding, either from UNMC campus graduate fellowships or from external funding agencies such as the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, and disease-specific agencies such as the American Heart Association or the Alzheimer's Disease Association. Students who obtain off-campus fellowship support are rewarded with supplemental funds as well as the experience of applying for external research support, which is a valuable part of training for a career in biomedical research.

Swarts Family Neuroscience Awards

In addition to the standard stipend, students with exceptionally strong academic records and research experience may also receive a scholarship in the amount of $200-400/month for up to four years. After the first year, continued funding is contingent on making satisfactory progress in research and maintaining a UNMC GPA over 3.0.