SURP Poster Presentations

Summer Undergraduate Presentations


Franchesca Fonseca, University of Nebraska Omaha

Jennifer Li, University of Maryland, College Park

Evan Schroder, University of Nebraska Lincoln

Zoe Kleese, University of Nebraska Lincoln

John Doran, Notre Dame University



"A beta-specific effector T cells increase the disease progression rate in murine model of Alzheimer's disease"
Emma Foster, Jatin Machhi, R. Lee Mosley, Howard E. Gendelman
Emma Foster, Northern Kentucky University

"High-Throughput Screening of Inhibitors against Zika Virus"
Brook Lawson, Mehdi Bidokhti, St. Patrick Reid, Siddappa Byrareddy
Brook Lawson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

"Understanding How PINK1 Mutations Alter Mitochondrial Network Morphology in Primary Fibroblasts from Parkinson's Disease Patients"
Margarita Pipinos, Kelly L. Stauch, Howard S Fox, Kathleen Emanuel, Steven Totusek
Margarita Pipinos, University of Michigan Ann Arbor

"KVA-D-88, A Novel Phosphodiesterase 4 (PDE4) Inhibitor, Attenuates Symptoms of Cocaine Addiction In Vivo"
Robert Small, Maria Burkovetskaya, Shilpa Buch, Minglei Guo
Robert Small, Kansas State University

"Increased Expression of Vascular Adhesion Protein-1 in the Lungs of HIV-Infected Humanized Mice"
Lauren Weis, Fadhel M. Olomar, Prasanta Dash, Santhi Gorantla, Keshore Bidasee
Lauren Weis, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

"Morphine Mediated Downregulation of miR-152 Activates Astrocytes via NLRP6 Inflammasome Signaling"
Jason J. Selvaraj, Palsamy Periyasamy, Shilpa Buch
Jason J. Selvaraj, Washington University in St. Louis

"Effect of MPTP and MPP+ on peripheral immune cell population phenotype and function"
Elizabeth Cole, Alexander W. Suh, Katherine E. Olson, R. Lee Mosley and Howard E. Gendelman
Elizabeth Cole, California State University Stanislaus 

"Role of NLRP3 Inflammasome in HIV Tat-mediated Dysfunction of Blood-Brain Barrier"
Tony Le, Ke Liao, Fang Niu and Shilpa Buch
Tony Le, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Travis B. Lewis Scholars


Sean Bidasee, Elkhorn South High School

Nathan Ramanchandran, Creighton Preparatory School

Ina Satpathy, Duchesne Academy

Grace Henderson, Millard North High School

Zainab Al-Badran, Millard West High School



Nicholas Hammans, Omaha North High School

Anisha Kadubandi, Lincoln East High School

Evan Schroder, Mount Michael High School

Daniel Stein, Brownell Talbot High School

Shruthi Kumar, Marian High School


"Anti-a4b7 administration in non-human primates and its possible beneficial role in controlling HIV replication"
Princess Ejegreh, Srijayaprakash B. Uppada, Sri Venkata Lepa Madduri, Siddappa Byrareddy
Princess Ejegreh, Tougaloo College

"Morphine Exposure Increases Necroptotic Cell Death in Neurons" 
Shao J., Burkovetskaya M., Feng D., Fang N., Ashutosh T., Guo M., Buch S.
Jiayu Shao, Johns Hopkins University

"Aggregation Induced Emission in Multidrug nanoART"
Maxim Oleynikov, lnsiya Mukadam, Brendan Ottemann, Jonathan Herskovitz, JoEllyn McMillan, Benson Edagwa, Jared Garrison, Bhavesh Kevadiya, Howard Gendelman
Maxim Oleynikov, Cornell University

"Creation of a Long - Acting Nanoformulated Emtricitabine ProTide"
Katelyn Drobny, Dhruvkumar Soni, Aditya N. Bade, JoEllyn McMillan, Howard E. Gendelman, and Benson Edagwa
Katelyn Drobny, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

"Understanding the Role of IL-34, A Tissue Restricted Ligand in the Development of Microglia"
Ryan Sabotin, Saumi Mathews, Santhi Gorantla
Ryan Sabotin, Creighton University

"Proteome of Human Macrophages Treated with HIV and Methamphetamine"
Megan Jones, Spencer Jaquet, Emma Harwood, Katarzyna Lech, Pawel Ciborowski
Megan Jones, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

"Accelerated Heart Failure in HIV-1 Infected Humanized Mice"
Jared Koetzel, Fadhel Alomar, Prasanta Dash, Larisa Poluektova, Howard Gendelman, Santhi Gorantla, Keshore R. Bidasee
Jared Koetzel, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

2018 Travis B. Lewis Scholars

"The Effect of MPP+ on Proliferating T Cell Populations"
Alexander W. Suh, Katherine Olson ­Johnson
Alexander W. Suh, Tulane University

"Creation of a third generation long acting Cabotegravir"
Liyang Guo, Tanmay A. Kulkarni, Aditya Bade, JoEllyn McMillan, Benson Edagwa, Howard E. Gendelman
Liyang Gu, Millard North High School

"When HIV Infects the Brain"
Enya Zhu, Saumi Mathews, Santhi Gorantla
Enya Zhu, Lincoln East High School


"Effect of Bone Marrow-Derived Dendritic Cell Supernatants on Neuroblastoma and Microglia Cell Lines"
X. Isabel Heifetz Ament, Keith Prive, Charles Schutt, Rebecca A. Wilshusen, Kathrine Olsen, R. Lee Mosley and Howard E. Gendelman.
Xanthe Isabel Heifetz Ament, Mount Holyoke College

"A Methods Comparison of the Isolation of Extracellular Vesicles"
Shruti Mishra, Sowmya Yelamanchili
Shruti Mishra, Lincoln East High School

"URMC-099 Examination of Neuroinflammation in HIV-1 Infected Humanized Mice Treated with Antiretrovirals and URMC-099"
Chinaza Nnawulezi, Dr. Howard Gendelman, Dr. Santhi Gorantla, Dr. Prasanta Dash
Chinaza Nnawulezi, Hampton University

"Bone Marrow-Derived Dendritic Cells Induces TH17 Cells Toward Regulatory T. Cell Phenotype"
Keith Privé, X. Isabel Heifetz Ament, Charles Schutt, Rebecca Wilshusen, R. Lee Mosley, Howard E. Gendelman
Keith Privé, Northern Kentucky University

"Methamphetamine Treatment Results in Altered Protein Level of Several Mitochondrial Contact Site (MICOS) Subunits"
Zachary Van Roy, Kelly Stauch, Benjamin Lamberty, Howard Fox
Zachary Van Roy, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

2016 -
not available


"Abnormal gamma activity during auditory processing in adults with ADHD"
Zoe Cohen, Martin W. Wetzel, MD, and Tony W. Wilson, PhD
Zoe Cohen, Washington University, St. Louis

"Evidence of heart disease in HIV-1 infected humanized mouse model"
Isabella Catalano, Prasanta Dash, PhD, and Santhi Gorantla, PhD
Isabella Catalano, University of Nebraska Lincoln

"Morphine dysregulates autophagy in BV-2 microglial cells"
Mahijeeth Yetukuri, Palsamy Periyasamy PhD, Ming-Lei Guo, PhD, and Shilpa Buch, PhD
Mahi Yetukuri, St. Louis University

"URMC-099 modulation in amyloid-beta mediated microglial responses"
Sarah M. Whitmire, Weiguo Dong, Yaman Lu, Christine M. Morrison, Tomomi Kiyota, and Howard E. Gendelman, MD
Sarah Whitmire, University of North Carolina Charlotte

"Gene Ontology and PANTHER: Intertwining Bioinformatic Tools for Term Enrichment Analysis"
Emma Harwood, Kristin Frederick, and Pawel Ciborowski, PhD
Emma Harwood, Creighton University

"Synthesis of Tuftsin Peptide for Targeted ART Delivery"
Kyle McMillan, Brady Sillman, Benson Edagwa, PhD, and Howard E. Gendelman, MD
Kyle McMillan, University of Nebraska Lincoln

“Neurodegeneration In Blast Induced Traumatic Brain Injury Is Initiated By Perivascular Inflammation And Glial Cell Activation"
Abi Heller, Bill Liu, Heather Schuetz, Vikas Mishra, Fang Wang; Maciej Skotak, Namas Chandra, and James Haorah
Abi Heller, Elkhorn South High School 

“HIV Protein Tat Causes Oligodendrocyte Damage Through KV 1.3”
Ye Huang, Han Liu, and Huangui Xiong 
Ye Huang, Millard North High School, NE

“Characterization And Functional Assessment Of Glutaminase C Overexpression In Mouse Central Nervous System”
Blaise Lanoha, Yi Wang; Yuju Li, Yunlong Huang, and Jialin Zheng
Blaise R. Lanoha, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

“Evaluating The Immunogenicity Of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells In The Humanized Mouse Model”
Max McDermott, Edward Makarov, Jaclyn Knibbe, and Santhi Gorantla
Max McDermott, Truman State University

“Antiviral Activity Of Folic Acid-Coated Antiretroviral Nanoformulations In HIV-1-Infected Human Peripheral Blood Lymphocyte-Reconstituted Mice” 
Juliana Rodegheri Brito, Pavan Puligujja, Prasanta Dash, Larisa Poluektova, Xinming Liu, Howard E. Gendelman, MD, and JoEllyn McMillan
Juliana Rodegheri Brito, Victoria University of Wellington Alumni- New Zealand

“NanoART/Macrophage Interactions Promote Cellular Drug Depots And Systemic Carriage In Vivo
Virginia Shelley, Andrea Martinez-Skinner, Nathan Smith, Howard E. Gendelman, MD, and JoEllyn McMillan
Virginia Shelley, Northern Kentucky University Alumni

“Nanoformulated Maraviroc For Macrophage Uptake And Delivery”
Louis Smith, J. Hilaire, P. Puligujja, J. McMillan, Howard E. Gendelman, MD, and X. Liu
Louis Smith, University of Chicago Alumni

“Synthesis Of DXP And Its Analogs Towards Determining IspC Inhibitors”
Yiran Wang, Benson Edagwa, and Prabagaran Narayanasamy
Yiran Wang, Cornell University

“HPLC Analysis Of Glutaminate In The Assessment Of A Novel Glutaminase Inhibitor”
Sydney Woods, Beiqing Wu, Zenghan Tong, Yunlong Huang, and Jialin Zheng
Sydney Woods, Brownell-Talbot School


"HIV Tat and Alcohol Exposure Cooperatively Impair Lung Epithelial Barrier Permeability"
Anissa Butler, Samantha Simet, PhD, and Shilpa Buch, PhD
Anissa Butler, Jackson State University, Jackson, Miss.

"A Bioinformatics Analysis of Transcriptome Variation due to HIV-Infection and its Treatment in Human Primary Macrophages"
Colleen. G. Hochfelder, Danielle S. Fenster, and Howard S. Fox, MD, PhD
Colleen G. Hochfelder, University of Nebraska Omaha, Omaha, Neb

"Response of Primary Neurons to 1-Methyl-4-Phenylpyridinium and L-DOPA
Samip Sheth, Kristi M. Anderson, and R. Lee Mosley, PhD
Samip Sheth, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.

"Nanoformulated Maraviroc: In Vitro and Cellular Activities
Carling Bloedorn, James Hilaire, Pavan Puligijja, Xinming Liu, PhD, JoEllyn McMillan, PhD, and Howard E. Gendelman, MD
Carling Bloedorn, Doane College, Crete, Neb.

"Synthesis and Evaluation of 3TC and Abacavir Prodrugs
Kyle McMillan, Benson Edagwa, PhD, Xinming Liu, PhD, and Howard E. Gendelman, MD
Kyle McMillan, Millard North High School, Omaha, Neb.

"Proteomics Reveals Dysregulation of Endosomal Proteins in HIV-1 Infected Macrophages with NanoART Treatment
Colin Roessner, Dongwei Guo, Mariluz Arainga, PhD, Jayme Wiederin, MS, Pawel Ciborowski, PhD, JoEllyn McMillan, PhD, and Howard E. Gendelman, MD
Colin Roessner, Elkhorn High School, Elkhorn, Neb.

"HIV protein-Tat Causes Oligodendrocyte Damage through KV1.3"
Ye Huang
, Han Liu, and Huangui Xiong, MD, PhD
Ye Huang, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.

"Microglial Density in NOD/SCID-1LrRγ^-1 Mice"
Marisa Varghese, Adrian Epstein, Edward Makarov, Jackie Hollinger, Larisa Poluektova, MD, PhD, and Santhi Gorantla, PhD
Marisa Varghese, Creighton University, Omaha, Neb.

"Pathological Characterization of Glutaminase Transgenic Mouse Brain"
Tailong Xu, Yi Wang, Yuju Li, Yunlong Huang, MD, PhD, and Jialin Zheng, MD
Tailong Xu, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, N.C.

"Folate-targeted nanoART: Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Advantages"
Selina Dickinson, Pavan Puligujja, Lindsey Kendrick, Hannah Baldridge, Xinming Liu,  PhD, JoEllyn M. McMillan, PhD, and Howard E. Gendelman, MD
Selina Dickinson, Milwaukee School of Engineering, Milwaukee, Wis.

"The Disruption of Microvessels in the Brain and its Contribution to Cognitive Impairment in Diabetes"
Avi Prajapati, Fadel Alomar, and Keshore Bidasee, PhD
Avi Prajapati, Millard North High School, Omaha, Neb.


“Calcium Mobilization By An Aqueous Hogbarn Dust Extract In Airway Epithelial Cells And Lung Fibroblasts”
Jonny Baker, Nancy Schulte, Myron Toews, and Debra Romberger
Jonny Baker, Tulane University – New Orleans

“Regulation Of Micro-RNA 146a Expression By Beta Agonists And Cyclic AMP In Lung Fibroblasts”
Jarrod Bang, Nancy Schulte, Myron Toews, and Xiangde Liu
Jarrod Bang, University of Nebraska Medical Center

“Involvement Of The Notch-1 Pathway In PDGF-BB Mediated Astrocyte Activation: Implications For HAND”
Anissa Butler, Crystal Bethel-Brown; Honghong Yao, and Shilpa Buch, PhD
Anissa Butler, Brigham Young University

"The Hippo Signaling Pathway Regulates Cell Proliferation in Human Neural Progenitor Cells"
Lixia Zhao, Qiang Chen, Yunlong Huang, David Fu, and Jialin Zheng
David Fu, Millard North High School, NE


"Nanoformulated antiretroviral therapeutics (nanoART) targeted drug delivery"
Hannah Baldridge, Pavan Puligujja, Tianyuzi Li, JoEllyn M. McMillan, PhD, Xinming Liu, PhD and Howard E. Gendelman, MD
Hannah M. Baldridge, Dartmouth College 

"PDGF-BB Mediated Astrocyte Activation and Proliferation Involves Notch and GSK3"
Marlene Kanmogne, Crystal Bethel-Brown PhD, Honghong Yao PhD, and Shilpa Buch PhD
Marlene Kanmogne, The Johns Hopkins University

"The Role of IRS1/IRS 2 in the link between Type 2 Diabetes (Diabetes Mellitus) and Neurodegeneration"
Eric Hong, Heather Schuetz, Monica Krause, P.M. Abdul-Muneer, Kaushik P. Patel, Hong Zheong, and James Haorah PhD
Eric Hong, Emory University

"Mechanisms of intracellular calcium elevation by components of an aqueous hogbarn dust extract (HDE)"
Jonny Baker, Nancy Schulte BS, Debra Romberger MD, Myron Toews PhD
Jonny Baker, Westside High/Tulane University

"Phenotypic Characterization of Basal Ganglia Neurons in a Mouse Model of Parkinson's Disease"
Joshua Combs, R. Lee Mosley PhD, Kristi M. Anderson BS,  and Adam M. Szlachetka BS, DDS
Joshua Combs, University of Nebraska Omaha

"Humanized mice to identify HIV-1 clade specific differences in viral virulence and neuropathology"
Sandeep Adem, Ed Makarov BS, Li Wu BS, Sidra Akhter BS, and Santhi Gorantla PhD
Sandeep Adem, Santa Clara University

"Nonmuscle myosin light-chain kinase mediates microglial migration induced by HIV Tat"
Raymond Quiles and Shilpa Buch, PhD
Raymond Quiles, International American University-Puerto Rico

Travis B. Lewis High School Presentations


"A teacher's summer experience with NanoART"
Christopher Deeter PhD, Lincoln Lutheran High School

"Protein identification in macrophages"  
Pooja Verman, Duchesne Academy

"Analysis of lymphoid organs in humanized mice"
Giselle Tran, Omaha Central High School

"Metabolites in the brain and their applications"
Zoe Cohen, Duchesne Academy

"NanoART uptake in macrophages induces phagocytic changes"
Kate Slosburg, Westside High School