Saumi Mathews, PhD

Saumi Mathews, PhDSaumi_Mathews
Laboratory of Santhi Gorantla, PhD
Durham Research Center 8068
985880 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198-5880
Keywords: Mouse models for HIV, Humanized mouse, HIV pathogenesis, Stem cells, neuro-AIDS, anti-retroviral therapy (ART), Drugs of abuse.
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Research Interests
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In the News
UNMC Today| January 04, 2020
New Faculty
UNMC Today| July 03, 2019
For first time ever, researchers able to eliminate HIV from animal
UNMC Today | February 06, 2018
Chemically modified drug shows promise for HIV treatment, elimination

Research Interests

The goal of my current research focuses on (a) the development of humanized mouse models for translational research, specifically HIV and HIV associated neurocognitive disorders, (b) identifying the location of the HIV sanctuaries in the brain, and the viral rebound upon cessation of anti-retroviral therapy, (c) understanding the molecular mechanism of host-pathogen interaction to develop therapeutic strategies against HIV, (d) using humanized mouse models that mimic the biology of HIV infection to understand the role of the substance of abuse such as cocaine in establishing HIV reservoirs.

Ongoing Projects

Humanized microglia mouse as a tool to monitor HIV brain reservoirs and effects of substance abuse and HIV associated neurocognitive disorders


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Additional publications in PubMed.


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