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Research Goals
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Research Goals

Long-term goals of my laboratory are to participate in efforts to set up well-controlled clinical cohorts and in tandem with testing the outcome in relevant animal models as a synergistic platform for preclinical development of vaccines by

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Aftab Ansari, Eric Hunter, and Paul Spearman, (Emory University)
Francois Villinger (New Iberia Research Center, University of Louisiana, Lafayette)
Richard Cummings (Harvard University)
James Arthos and Claudia Cicala (NIH)
Michael Barry (Mayo Clinic)
Nebraska Food for Health Center at the University of Nebraska
Shilpa Buch, Howard Fox, Courtney Fletcher and Howard E. Gendelman (UNMC)
Pooja Jain (Drexel University)
Philipa Santangelo (Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Tech, Atlanta)


Limiting HIV establishment and maintenance by preserving intestinal immunity
MPI: Byrareddy/Paiardini
NIH/NIAID R01AI129474-01A1

In this project we will explore the therapeutic potential of a combined Interleukin (IL)-21 and anti-α4β7 Ab intervention to reduce gut damage and immune activation, improve antiviral responses, and limit the size of the reservoir in ART-treated, SIV-infected rhesus macaques.

Role of HIV Env glycosylation in mucosal transmission
PI: Byrareddy, S.
NIH/NIAID R01 AI113883
This project will aim investigate and compare glycosylation patterns between linked transmission and founder viruses from recently transmitting couples in /Africa and test in a nonhuman primate model whether glycosylation is a major determinant in the ability of a virus to transmit across the mucosal surface.

Transmitted/Founder SHIV macaque model
PI: Byrareddy, S.
This  project will develop robust SHIV challenge stocks for non-human primate studies using Transmitted/Founder clade C viruses from African heterosexual cohort.

Chronic HIV Infection and Aging in NeuroAIDS (CHAIN) Center
PI: Fox, H; Cell-Tissue-Animal Core Leader: Byrareddy, S.
NIH/NIMH P30MH062261
This is a Center grant to provide Administrative and Core Support for scientists investigating NeuroAIDS.

The brain as a SIV reservoir under suppressive cART potentiation by drugs of abuse
MPI: Fox H./Byrareddy S./Buch S.
Using the SIV/macaque system, we will determine whether the brain is a viral reservoir in the setting of effective treatment.

The combinatorial effects of opiates and the emerging promoter-variant strains of HIV-1 subtype C on HIV neuropathogensis and latency
MPI: Buch S/Byrareddy S/Fox H.
In this proposal, we plan to investigate the involvement of the combinatorial effects of opiates and the emerging promoter-variant strains of HIV-1 subtype C on HIV neuropathogenesis and latency and  to test this hypothesis in a primate model.

Targeting gut-brain axis to eliminate CNS reservoirs
PI: Byrareddy S.
R21 MH113455-01
In this project, we will aim at modifying immune cell targeting to reduce the accumulation of infected cells in the both the gut and CNS using monkey as model.

Molecular mechanisms underlying Zika virus mediated neuropathogenesis
Nebraska Neuroscience Alliance Endowed Fund
MPI: Byrareddy S. and Gorantla, S.


Rajnish Dave

Raj Dave

Debashis Dutta
Post Doc Research Associate

Debashis Dutta

Samuel D. Johnson
Graduate Research Assistant

Lindsey Knight
Research Technologist I
Lindsey Knight
Lepakshe Madduri
Research Technologist
Omalla A. Olwenyi
Graduate Research Assistant
Nanda Kishore Routhu
Post Doc Research Associate
Nanda Kishore Routhu

Dr. Byrareddy's home page
Dr. Byrareddy's biographical information

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