Pawel Ciborowski, PhD

ProfessorPawel Ciborowski

Durham Research Center 3048
985800 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198-5800

Phone: 402-559-3733
E-mail:  Pawel Ciborowski

Keywords: proteomics, macrophage, HIV-1, drugs of abuse, biomarkers, histones, bioinformatics

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In the news

V International Congress on Analytical Proteomics 2017
One of the Keynote Speakers -- Pawel Ciborowski, PhD

UNMC Newsroom | May 21, 2012
Meet UNMC Distinguished Scientist Pawel Ciborowski, PhD

2nd International Conference on Virology, August 20-23, 2012, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Chair, Organizing Committee

International Conference and Exhibition on Virology, September 5-7, 2011, Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Keynote address:  “HIV-1 and Mononuclear Phagocytes: Omics Approaches to Understand Their Coexistence”

Professional Summary

Research in the Proteomics Laboratory is focused on the correlation of structure and function of proteins, their receptors and the impact of posttranslational modifications on their functions. Unlike genes, which all use the same code, each protein has unique physical properties, preventing attempts to develop a single method to study their structure and function in living organisms.

Our effort is to use a proteomics and system biology approach supported by bioinformatics analyses to understand molecular mechanisms of pathological processes and apply this information to designing new strategies for disease prevention, early diagnosis, and control. Our primary model is the macrophage, which is a major component of the innate immunity system, and we are using state-of-the-art techniques in proteomics to investigate the following:

Research Interests

There are three ongoing projects in Proteomics Laboratory.

Project 1 is focused on changes in post-translational modifications of histones as a mechanism of regulating macrophage responses to insults and/or stimulatory molecules.

Project 2 is to use systems biology (holistic) experimental approaches to understand how HIV-1 is affecting macrophages to turn into machinery for productive infection allowing virus to persist in cells despite the macrophage's immune responses. Subsequently, we want to apply this information in designing new strategies for disease prevention, early diagnosis, and control. Using proteomic experiments, we will investigate mechanism(s) of how HIV-1 can bypass anti-viral intracellular immune surveillance. We are strongly interested in the effect of drugs of abuse on the function of the innate immunity system. Use of illicit drugs is an increasing social and health problem and has been documented to not only affect the brain but also the immune system making these individuals more susceptible to infections and other pathological effects. We also study the effect that anti-retroviral therapy may have on the function of macrophages.

Project 3 is to develop tools for bioinformatics analysis of proteomic data

Project 4 is focused on macrophages and microglia and their production of neurotoxic products that follow viral-infection and immune activation, which incite neuronal damage leading to HIV-1-neurocognitive disorders (HAND). This project is mostly focused on biomarker discovery using global proteomics profiling.

Representative Publications

  1. Embury CM, Dyavarshetty B, Lu Y, Wiederin JL, Ciborowski P, Gendelman HE, Kiyota T. Cathepsin B Improves ß-Amyloidosis and Learning and Memory in Models of Alzheimer's Disease. J Neuroimmune Pharmacol. 2017 Jun;12(2):340-352. PMID: 27966067
  2. Ricaurte M, Schizas NV, Ciborowski P, Boukli NM. Proteomic analysis of bleached and unbleached Acropora palmata, a threatened coral species of the Caribbean. Mar Pollut Bull. 2016 Jun 15;107(1):224-32. PMID: 27105725
  3. Burns A, Ciborowski P. (2016) Acute exposure to methamphetamine alters TLR9-mediated cytokine expression in human macrophage. Immunobiology. 2016 Feb;221(2):199-207. PMID 26387832
  4. Araínga M, Guo D, Wiederin J, Ciborowski P, McMillan J, Gendelman HE. Opposing regulation of endolysosomal pathways by long-acting nanoformulated antiretroviral therapy and HIV-1 in human macrophages. Retrovirology. 2015 Jan 22;12:5. PMID: 25608975 
  5. Wooden J, Ciborowski P. (2014) Chromatin Immunoprecipitation for Human Monocyte Derived Macrophages. Methods.  S1046-2023(14)00285-0. PMID 25220915
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