Myron Toews, PhD, Biographical Information

PhD, Biochemistry, 1979
University of Wisconsin, Madison

Positions and Employment
1994 - present Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Experimental Neuroscience
University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC)
6/1989 - 6/1994 Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology
UNMC, Omaha, NE
1/1984 - 5/1989 Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmacology
University of Missouri, Columbia, MO
4/1980 - 12/1983 Postdoctoral research fellow in the laboratory of Dr. John Perkins,
Department of Pharmacology, School of Medicine,
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
1/1980 - 3/1980 Postdoctoral research associate in the laboratory of Dr. Julius Adler
Department of Biochemistry
University of Wisconsin-Madison
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Other experience and professional membership:
  • Secretary/Treasurer, Molecular Pharmacology Division, American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, 2007-2008
  • Member, Executive Committee of the Molecular Pharmacology Division, American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, 2005-2007
  • Member, Committee on Graduate Recruitment and Education, American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, 2001-present
  • Member, Subcommittee on Graduate Student Convocations, Committee on Education, American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, 2000-2001
  • Organizer for "The G Whizzards of GPCR and G Protein Signaling", Molecular Pharmacology Division Special Centennial Symposium, Experimental Biology 2008
  • Co-Organizer and Co-Chair, Graduate Student Colloquium at Experimental Biology 2006, San Francisco, on "Pointers for Getting Your Point Across: Strategies for Effective Communication"
  • Organizer and Chair, ASPET Mini-Symposium for Experimental Biology 2005, San Diego, CA, on "Lysophosphatidic Acid: From Membranes to Mediator to Medicine"
  • Steering Committee Member and Session Chair, Respiratory Symposium on "Combination Therapy in COPD" to be held September 2004
  • Organizer and Co-Chair, ASPET Graduate Student Colloquium at Experimental Biology 2004 meeting, Washington, DC, on "Preserving and Promoting our Discipline" 

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Books and book chapters:

  1. Toews, M.L., J.M. McMillan, and D.B. Bylund. Getting Attached in Pharmacology and Toxicology. Invited chapter for book on nano-toxicology, in press.

  2. Peng, H., N. Whitney, K. Tang, M. Toews and J. Zheng. Stem cells and neurogenesis in brain development and therapy for neurodegenerative disorders. In: Neuroimmune Pharmacology eds T. Ikezu and H.E. Gendelman. Springer, New York, Chapter 13, p. 151-170 (2008)

  3. D. B. Bylund, J. D. Deupree, and M. L. Toews. Radioligand binding methods for membrane preparations and intact cells. In: GPCR Signal Transduction Protocols, also Methods in Molecular Biology Volume 259, edited by G. B. Willars and R. A. Challiss, Totowa, NJ:Humana Press, p. 1-28 (2004)
  4. Toews, M.L., T.L. Ediger, D.J. Romberger and S.I. Rennard. Lysophosphatidic acid in airway function and disease. In: Biochim. Biophys. Acta (Special Review Volume on Lysophospholipids) 1582:240-250 (2002).
  5. Toews, M.L. Radioligand binding assays for G-protein-coupled receptor internalization. In: Regulation of G Protein-Coupled Receptor Function and Expression (Ed. J.L. Benovic) John Wiley and Sons, Inc., New York, pp. 199-230 (2000).
  6. Cerutis, R., J.D. Deupree, D.A. Heck, S.J. Zhu, M.L. Toews and D.B. Bylund. Differential regulation of alpha-2 adrenergic receptor subtypes by norepinephrine and buffers. In Alpha2-Adrenergic Receptors: Structure, Function and Therapeutic Implications (Ed. S. Lanier and L. Limbird) Gordon and Breach, London, pp. 103-112 (1996).

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