Institutional Support

Jeffrey P. Gold, M.D., is chancellor of the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC). Dr. Gold also chairs the board of UNMC’s principal clinical care partner, Nebraska Medicine. He is a nationally recognized leader and tireless advocate for transforming academic medicine and health care delivery. He is committed to enabling new inventions developed by researchers to be made and then globally dispersed. He is committed to ensuring the success of the Nebraska Nanomedicine Production Plant manufacturing facility.

"The abilities to enable discoveries to move efficiently from the laboratory to the patient bedside is integral to our academic health center's mission.  We applaud all those who have worked tirelessly to see the dream of a Nanomedicine Production Plant come to a highly functional reality. Terrific opportunities are ahead in using this facility to transform the health care of the future, here in Nebraska and around the world."
-Dr. Jeffrey P. Gold, Chancellor

Jennifer Larsen, M.D., is the vice chancellor for research at UNMC. Dr. Larsen is an active clinical/translational investigator and former associate vice chancellor for clinical research. She was also the first associate dean for Clinical Research for the College of Medicine and is the director of the Center for Clinical and Translational Research. The Louise and Morton Degen Professor of Internal Medicine, Dr. Larsen has focused her research on the metabolic consequences of organ transplantation. Nationally, she has held multiple leadership positions within the American Federation of Clinical Research, the Association for Program Directors in Endocrinology and Metabolism, and The Endocrine Society.

“Helping investigators move projects from idea to commercialization is one of our highest priorities. We have leveraged our state of the art GMP facility and expertise in producing cellular products to build an equally robust production facility for the manufacture of nano medicines.”
- Dr. Jennifer Larsen, Vice Chancellor for Research

Deb Thomas, M.P.A., is the interim vice chancellor for Business and Finance at UNMC. She oversees the facilities, finance, information technology and human resources of UNMC, while leading the development and implementation of new infrastructure. She believes that the NNPP serves a vital role for nanomedicine programs, which is conveniently located on campus in the heart of a bustling metropolis. She remains committed to enabling new inventions developed by UNMC researchers, which will be manufactured and dispersed on a global scale. This foundational work permits the NNPP to partner with the National Institutes of Health and large pharmaceutical collaborators to create an amazing resource in the heart of the country.

"UNMC is committed to commercializing biomedical research in Nebraska. The investment in the pre-production and full production plants is evidence of UNMC's support of outstanding researchers who are moving from excellence to eminence."
- Deb Thomas, Interim Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance


UNeMed Corporation is the technology transfer leader for UNMC and plays a role in the business development of Nebraska Nanomedicine Production Plant.

Michael Dixon, Ph.D., UNeMed President and CEO, believes the NNPP has a unique opportunity available. There are few facilities approved for GMP nanoformulation development in the United States. The NNPP provides a heavily regulated service that is essential to pharmaceutical companies. Dr. Dixon believes that the unique upscale production of targeted formulations being handled by NNPP is the reason why its resources will be in high demand nationally.

“As the technology commercialization arm of UNMC, UNeMed is ecstatic to have access to such a unique resource that will help to safely develop new discoveries into products that can have a clinical impact.  This facility shows UNMC’s commitment to the continued development of new nanoformulated drugs.”
- Dr. Michael Dixon, UNeMed President and CEO

Matt Boehm, Ph.D., UNeMed Senior Licensing Specialist, helps NNPP connect with large pharmaceutical collaborators. Dr. Boehm has been advising NNPP since its foundation and is working toward a facility equipped to do small-scale production of GMP-quality materials to support trials of nanomedicine technologies.