Exciting opportunities are available in the department of pharmacology and experimental neuroscience. Below is a list of our faculty and active job postings. Click on job title/position number to apply.

Along with the below job opportunities, the department is administers the Neuroscience and Neuroimmunology Research Internship. For more information, review the flyer. To apply, visit the online system, create an account and click on summer of the year you will enter the program.  The internship is listed under Graduate Studies.


Current job opportunities within the department of pharmacology and experimental neuroscience laboratories:

Aditya Bade, PhD

Research Technologist - Staff_8518

Keshore Bidasee, PhD

No current postings

Shilpa Buch, PhD

Research Technologist - Staff_9217

Siddappa Byrareddy, PhD

Research Technologist - Staff_9410

Pawel Ciborowski, PhD

No current postings

Benson Edagwa, PhD

No current postings 

Howard E. Gendelman, MD

Faculty Researcher - 2019-409
Administrative Assistant - Staff_9379
Post Doc Research Associate - 2020-091

Santhi Gorantla, PhD

No current postings

Minglei Guo, PhD

No current postings

Guoku Hu, PhD

Research Technologist I - Staff_8894

Georgette Kanmogne, PhD, MPH

No current postings

JoEllyn McMillan, PhD

No current postings

Daniel Monaghan, PhD

No current postings

R. L. Mosley, PhD

No current postings

Peter Oldenburg, PhD

No current postings

Larisa Poluektova, MD, PhD

No current postings 

Myron Toews, PhD

no current postings

Huangui Xiong, MD, PhD

No current postings


Or visit UNMC's jobs@UNMC and search pharmacology/exp neuroscience.

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2020 Program canceled due to COVID19

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