Exavir Therapeutics

Drs. Howard Gendelman, Benson Edagwa and Mr. Alborz Yazdi are the cofounders of Exavir Therapeutics. This startup company was founded with the mission of putting an end to HIV. These three founders have a vastknowledge of HIV and other chronic disorders that spans many years along with multiple disciplines fromacademic research to biopharmaceutical industrial experience.  The company is focused on Ultra-Long-Acting Therapeutics, targeting HIV integrase and a CRISPR-based cure for HIV. These methods are producing products that will be scaled up to be used in clinical trials.

The NNPP will provide vital product validation to Exavir Therapeutics. Exavir will use NNPP equipment and resources necessary for large-scale nanoparticle production. This will accelerate production and testing for these pending clinical trials.

For more information about Exavir Therapeutics, please visit the company website at exavirtherapeutics.com.