ProTransit Nanotherapy

Dr. Gary Madsen is the President and CEO of ProTransit Nanotherapy. This start up company, founded in April 2013, focuses on developing nanoparticles with broad applications. The company is working on a range of therapeutics for spinal cord injuries, strokes and traumatic brain injuries as well as for skincare and cosmetics. It is preparing to scale up nontoxic and biodegradable nanoparticles containing active antioxidant enzymes that eliminate damaging free radicals.

With that goal in mind, the NNPP will provide vital product validation to ProTransit Nanotherapy. ProTransit Nanotherapy will use NNPP equipment and resources necessary for large-scale nanoparticle production. This will accelerate production and testing for pending clinical trials.

With GMP production capabilities for nanoformulations, the NNPP is able to provide board resources to local and national pharmaceutical companies with interest in nanoformulations. Dr. Madsen expects other pharmaceutical companies will contact the NNPP and use its unique set of resources.

For more information about ProTransit Nanotherapy, please visit the company website at

Nanoparticles with Antioxidant