Systems NanoNeuromedicine Program

Iowa State University (ISU)-University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) Systems NanoNeuromedicine Program (SNNP) is implementing an interdisciplinary approach to provide clinical solutions for traumatic and chemical brain injuries (TCBI). SNNP is simultaneously addressing the key challenges identified in TCBI treatment and integrating those solutions in a systems framework.

SNNP has assembled a multidisciplinary group of researchers from ISU and UNMC with a proven cross-disciplinary and highly interactive track record. ISU researchers are led by Surya Mallapragada, PhD, a chemical and biological engineer and materials scientist. Dr. Mallapragada is a leader in the field of polymeric biomaterials and nanomaterials and also designs and synthesizes novel biomaterials and nanomedicines for treatment of neurodegenerative disorders. R. Lee Mosley, PhD provides leadership for UNMC nanoneurosciences. Dr. Mosley’s research focuses, in measure, on translational neuroscience.

SNNP’s central hypothesis for work on TCBI is a systems level nanoneuromedicine approach. The plan integrates proteomic (study of structures and functions of proteins) techniques for detection of TCBI, identifies promising drug candidates, develops targeted nanotherapeutic formulations, tests those formulations in humanized animal models, and manufactures nanotherapeutics for scale-up through current good manufacturing practice. 

Systems Nanomedicine Program