Adam Szlachetka

Adam Szlachetka, DDS, is the Operations Manager for the NNPP. His role is to develop and execute strategies required to produce nanoformulations according to GLP and GMP regulations. He oversees the planning, implementation, and documentation of all formulations in the pre-production and final production facilities.


 Brady Sillman, PhD

Brady Sillman, PhD, Operations Specialist 


Scientific Advisor

JoEllyn McMillan

JoEllyn McMillan, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Experimental Neuroscience, is an experienced toxicologist and will provide expert guidance on transfer of nanoformulations from development to compliant production. Dr. McMillan's knowledge is essential for the scale-up work produced by the NNPP. Her research interests lie in developing nanoformulations of antiretroviral drugs and testing these in cell-based and animal model systems. In collaboration with Dr. Howard Gendelman, they are developing long-acting nanoformulations of antiretroviral drugs for targeted and cell-based drug delivery for treatment of HIV-1 infection. The development of long-acting nanoformulations of antiretroviral drugs would simplify drug dosing regimens, extend dosing intervals, reduce unwanted drug side effects, and improve drug penetration into viral sanctuary sites, thus reducing development of drug resistance.


Advisory Board

Michael Dixon, PhD, President and CEO, UNeMed
David Oupicky, PhD, Co-Director, Center for Drug Delivery and Nanomedicine
Tess Kuenstling, PhD, MPH, Director, Research Resources, UNMC
Phyllis Warkentin, MD, Medical Director, Biologics Production Facility
Charles Branson, MS, Manager, Biologics Production Facility
Matthew Boehm, PhD, Senior Licensing Specialist, UNeMed

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