2011 CHAIN Colloquium

Models for NeuroAIDS

March 24, 2011

As we enter the fourth decade of the HIV pandemic, investigations into the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of the virus’s effects on the nervous system continue to evolve.

Despite substantive positive outcomes seen in disease morbidity and mortality as a consequence of combination antiretroviral therapy, viral infection continues to affect the nervous system.

In addition to the neurocognitive, motor, behavioral and sensory deficits resulting from HIV itself, the now chronic nature of HIV infection can intersect with other comorbid infections as well as diseases influenced by aging, such as neurodegenerative disorders.

Animal models have contributed greatly to advances in knowledge about HIV pathobiology and its effects on the immune and nervous system.

This symposium highlighted the current issues in neuroAIDS research where animal models are critical in meeting gaps in our overall knowledge. Download the program for speaker bios.


Howard S. Fox, MD, PhD, University of Nebraska Medical Center

Shilpa Buch, PhD, University of Nebraska Medical Center
“Delivering HIV Proteins into the Rodent CNS Recapitulates Aspects of HAND”

Sulie Chang, PhD, Seton Hall University
“HIV-1 Transgenic Rat: Feedback Interaction Between Addictive Substance and HIV Viral Proteins”

Janice Clements, PhD, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
“The SIV Model: Unraveling Mechanisms of HIV CNS Disease”

Howard S. Fox, MD, PhD, University of Nebraska Medical Center
“Chronic SIV Infection”

Howard E. Gendelman, MD, University of Nebraska Medical Center
“Rodent Models for Testing Adjunctive HAND Therapies”

Johnny He, PhD, Indiana University School of Medicine
“Inducible and Brain-specific Tat Transgenic Mouse Model for HIV/neuroAIDS Research”

Marcus Kaul, PhD, Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute
“HIV Co-receptors in Models of HIVgp120-induced Brain Injury”

Rick Meeker, PhD, University of North Carolina School of Medicine
“FIV Infection”

Larisa Poluektova, MD, PhD, University of Nebraska Medical Center
“HIV Infection of Humanized Immunodeficient Mice”

Christopher Power, MD, F.R.C.P(C), University of Alberta, Canada
“Use of Transgenic Mice in Studies of HIV-associated Neurologic Disorders”

David J. Volsky, PhD, Columbia University
“Neurocognitive Disease in Mice Infected with Chimeric HIV”

Kenneth Williams, PhD, Boston College
“A CD8-lymphocyte Depletion Model of SIV Neuropathogenesis”

Panel Discussion - All presenters
Moderators:  Howard S. Fox, MD, PhD, and Howard E. Gendelman, MD