CHAIN Center Colloquia

Besides research publications, another goal is to provide up to date information on contemporary issues related to HIV on the nervous system. We do this through an annual colloquium. This all day, in-house event is also provided as a free webinar.  Links to past sessions are available.

Annual Colloquia

2018 NeuroHIV Emerging Issues and Substance Abuse Joint Colloquium

2015 HIV, Neurodegenerative Disorders and Aging: Mitochondria - From basic mechanisms to disease

2014 NeuroAIDS, other neurodegenerative disorders, mental health - The role of brain banks

2013 Cellular Interaction and Signaling in NeuroAIDS – Emerging Issues

2012 Biomarkers for NeuroAIDS - Recent Progress in the Field

2011 Models for NeuroAIDS