Neural Immunity in HIV Dementia

The major goal of this grant is the study of the specific immunologic basis of HIV associated dementia (HAD) and linkages between it and other neurodegenerative disorders. This grant brings together in one organizational structure a group of scientists with expertise in areas of neurotoxicology, cellular immunology, neuropathology, neurophysiology, neuropharmacology and molecular biology, who maintain a unified focus on how mononuclear phagocyte biology affects both neurodegeneration and neuroprotection.

The grant consists of three projects supported by four cores:

Publications resulting from this grant.

Project 1: Mononuclear phagocytes, immunity, and neural progenitor cells will

Project 2: Macrophage-based nanoformulations of anti-retroviral therapy in NeuroAIDS will

Howard E. Gendelman, MD

Project 3: Macrophage, blood-brain barrier, and modulation of neurodegeneration will

Georgette Kanmogne, PhD

Larisa Poluektova, MD, PhD

Core A: Cell and Tissue will

Santhi Gorantla, PhD

Core B: BioImaging will

Michael Boska, PhD

Core C: Proteomics will

Pawel Ciborowski, PhD

Core D: Administrative will

Howard E. Gendelman, MD

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