The department's Friday morning seminar series is the venue for presentations by invited guest lecturers from outside the department. Noted experts in neuroscience, immunology and pharmacology from across the country and around the world deliver about half of the lectures; researchers doing work of interest in other departments at UNMC and from other campuses in Omaha and Nebraska deliver most of the remaining lectures.

One key goal of the seminar series is to provide our graduate students with a broad exposure to state-of-the-art research and thinking by the best of the best; these seminars are thus also course PHRM 950, (one credit hour per semester). Students generally have lunch with the guest lecturer on the day of the seminar, allowing them direct access for personal interactions in a less formal setting. In addition to their guest lecture, non-UNMC faculty lecturers generally spend a day or more as a "visiting scientist" in one-on-one discussions with individual faculty in the department.

Along with the weekly department seminars, the Nebraska Neuroscience Alliance sponsors national and international speakers. 

2021 Seminars

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