Nebraska Neuroscience Alliance

The Nebraska Neuroscience Alliance (NNA) was formed in 2011 to drive translational research in neuroscience. A permanent endowment was established through the University of Nebraska Foundation and will  put the NNA is a position to fund pilot studies at the bench and more importantly in the clinic.     

Besides funding pilot projects, the NNA's mission is to educate the next generation of researchers and clinicians. To fulfill this mission, a special lecture series was established to bring national and international speakers to UNMC to share the most up-to-date research in the neurosciences. These lectures are recorded and available to view:


October 22
Ted Dawson, MD
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
"Unlocking the Secrets of Parkinson's Disease"

February 13
David Standaert, MD, PhD
The University of Alabama at Birmingham
"Innate and adaptive immunity in Parkinson disease”

May 1
Steve Goldman, MD, PhD
University of Rochester
Title: TBA

May 7
Etty Benveniste
The University of Alabama at Birmingham
Title: TBA

May 22
Stanley Appel, MD
Methodist Neurological Institute
Title: TBA

June 5 – Nebraska Neuroscience Alliance Annual dinner
Robert C. Gallo, MD
University of Maryland

James Surmeier
Northwestern University
"Selective neuronal vulnerability in Parkinson’s disease and neuroprotective therapies"