Zhenshan Jia, PhD

Research Assistant ProfessorDr. Jia

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
College of Pharmacy
University of Nebraska Medical Center
986125 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198-6125
402-559-1323 (Lab)
402-559-5673 (Fax)

Teaching Activities:
Dr. Jia is pursuing teaching opportunities in the areas of Medicinal Chemistry and Organic Chemistry.  He is currently assisting Dr. Dong Wang in Pharmaceutical Chemistry for Drug Delivery and Nanomedicine (PHSC 852)

Research Activities/Interests:
Drug design and development for inflammatory diseases and musculoskeletal diseases
Biocompatible polymers for biomedical applications

Recent Publications:

  1. Zhang, Y.; Jia, Z. (Co-first author); Yuan, H.; Daluiski, A.; Fehringer, E. V.; Goldring, S. R.; Wang, D. The Evaluation of Therapeutic Efficacy and Safety Profile of Simvastatin Prodrug Micelles in a Closed Fracture Mouse Model. Pharmaceutical Research, in press
  2. Jia, Z.; Zhang, Y.; Chen, Y. H.; Dusad, A.; Yuan, H.; Ren, K.; Li, F.; Fehringer, E.V.; Purdue, E.; Goldring, S. R.; Daluiski, A.; Wang, D. Simvastatin Prodrug Micelles Target Fracture and Improve Healing. Journal of Controlled Release, 2015, 200, 23–34.
  3. Liang, S.; Xu, L.; Jia, Z.; Gan, L. Pentafluorophenyl Transfer Reaction: Preparation of Pentafluorophenyl [60]Fullerene Adducts through Opening of Fullerene Epoxide Moiety with Trispentafluorophenylborane. Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2014, 79 (12), 5794–5798
  4. Chen, F.; Jia, Z. (Co-first author); Rice, K. C.; Reinhardt, R. A.; Bayles, K. W.; Wang, D. The Development of Drug-Free Therapy for Prevention of Dental Caries, Pharmaceutical Research, 2014, 31, 3031-3037.
  5. Chen, F.; Jia, Z.; Rice, K. C.; Reinhardt, R. A.; Bayles, K. W.; Wang, D. The Development of Dentotropic Micelles with Biodegradable Tooth-Binding Moieties, Pharmaceutical Research, 2013, 30, 2808-2817.
  6. Jia, Z.; Singh, R. K.; Wang, D., Biomedical applications of "Click"-modified cyclodextrins, Click Chemistry in Glycoscience, 2013, 271-292
  7. Zhang, G.; Zhang, Q.; Jia, Z.; Liang, S.; Gan, L.; Li, Y. Preparation of a 12-Membered Open-Cage Fullerendione through Silane/Borane-Promoted Formation of Ketal Moieties and Oxidation of a Vicinal Fullerendiol, Journal of Organic Chemistry2011, 76, 6743-6748.
  8. Shen, A.; Liu, M.; Jia, Z.; Xu, M.; Lin, G. One-Pot Synthesis of Chiral α-Methylene-γ-lactams with Excellent Diastereoselectivities and Enantioselectivities, Organic Letters, 2010, 12, 5154-5157.
  9. Zhang, Q; Jia, Z.; Liu, S.; Zhang, G.; Xiao, Z.; Yang, D.; Gan, L.; Wang, Z.; Li, Y. Efficient Cage-Opening Cascade Process for the Preparation of Water-Encapsulated [60]Fullerene Derivatives, Organic Letters, 2009, 11, 2772-2774.
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