Denis Svechkarev, PhD


Research Assistant Professor

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

College of Pharmacy
University of Nebraska Medical Center
986858 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198-6858
402-559-4349 (Lab)
402-559-0840 (Office)

Teaching Activities:
Dr. Svechkarev is pursuing teaching opportunities in the areas of Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry.

Research Activities/Interests:
Design and synthesis of environmentally-sensitive organic fluorescent dyes for sensing and imaging applications; multiparametric sensing for infectious disease diagnostics. Self-assembly of amphiphilic molecules for drug nanoformulation; dynamics at the nano-bio interface.

Recent Publications:

  1. Dereka B., Svechkarev D., Rosspeintner A., Aster A., Lunzer M., Liska R., Mohs A. M., Vauthey E. Solvent Tuning of Photochemistry upon Excited-State Symmetry Breaking. Nature Commun. 11 (2020) 1925.
  2. Svechkarev D., Sadykov M. R., Houser L. J., Bayles K. W., Mohs A. M. Fluorescent sensor arrays can predict and quantify the composition of multicomponent bacterial samples. Frontiers Chem. 7 (2020) 916.
  3. Svechkarev D., Mohs A. M. Organic fluorescent dye-based nanomaterials: Advances in the rational design for imaging and sensing applications. Current Med. Chem. 26 (2019) 4042-4064.
  4. Svechkarev D., Kyrychenko A., Payne W. M., Mohs A. M. Probing the self-assembly dynamics and internal structure of amphiphilic hyaluronic acid conjugates by fluorescence spectroscopy and molecular dynamics simulations. Soft Matter 14 (2018) 4762-4771.
  5. Svechkarev D., Sadykov M. R., Bayles K. W., Mohs A. M. Ratiometric fluorescent sensor array as a versatile tool for bacterial pathogen identification and analysis. ACS Sensors 3 (2018) 700-708.
  6. Svechkarev D., Kyrychenko A., Payne W. M., Mohs A. M. Development of colloidally stable carbazole-based fluorescent nanoaggregates. J. Photochem. Photobiol. A: Chem. 352 (2018) 55-64.
  7. Payne W. M.,* Svechkarev D.,* Kyrychenko A., Mohs A. M. The role of hydrophobic modification on hyaluronic acid dynamics and self-assembly. Carbohydr. Polymers 182 (2018) 132-141.
  8. Dereka B., Svechkarev D., Rosspeintner A., Tromayer M., Liska R., Mohs A. M., Vauthey E. Direct Observation of a Photochemical Alkyne-Allene Reaction and of a Twisted and Rehybridized Intramolecular Charge-Transfer State in a Donor-Acceptor Dyad. J. Amer. Chem. Soc. 139 (2017) 16885-16893.
  9. Dereka B., Svechkarev D., Doroshenko A. O. Facile ultrasensitive monitoring of mercury ions in water flow by fluorescent ratiometric detection. Centr. Eur. J. Chem. 11 (2013) 584-593.
  10. Svechkarev D., Dereka B., Doroshenko A. Mercury ions complexation with a series of heterocyclic derivatives of 3-hydroxychromone: spectral effects and prospects for ultrasensitive Hg2+ probing. J. Phys. Chem. A 115 (2011) 4223-4230.