UNMC and Moscow State Agreement

UNMC and Moscow State University Sign Scientific Exchange Agreement

A recently signed agreement for scientific cooperation and exchange between UNMC and Moscow State University (MSU) in Moscow, Russia formalizes a relationship that already has seen the universities’ faculty and students working together, especially in the areas of polymer science and nanotechnology.

“We’ve had faculty and students who have collaborated for some time, and we needed this formal agreement to advance the relationship,” said Alexander “Sasha” Kabanov, PhD, D.Sc., Parke-Davis Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Director, Center for Drug Delivery and Nanomedicine (CDDN). Dr. Kabanov, who is a MSU alumnus, is UNMC’s scientific coordinator for the agreement, and will serve as UNMC’s principal liaison with MSU.

Dr. Kabanov has collaborated with scientists from his alma mater since coming to the College of Pharmacy in 1995. During the past decade, the two universities have published more than two dozen papers together, have filed several joint patents, and have had extensive visitor exchanges. Five undergraduate students from MSU have trained to date at UNMC through a National Science Foundation grant. “The agreement will facilitate the recruitment of graduate students to UNMC,” Dr. Kabanov said.

Internationally renowned scientists from Moscow State University involved in the agreement include Professor Alexander Zezin, in chemistry; Professor Alexey Khokhlov, in physics; and Professor Yuri Pirogov and Professor Renad Sagdeev, in the Educational and Research Center for Magnetic Tomography and Spectroscopy.

The CDDN currently has 31 scientists who are investigating new ways of disease diagnosis and treatment using nanomedicine, i.e., highly specific medical intervention at the molecular scale.