Dr. Ueda to Retire as Dean

Dr. UedaAt the end of October, Dr. Clarence Ueda will be retiring as dean of the College of Pharmacy and returning to the faculty in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences fulltime after serving in the dean position for over twenty years.  As many will recall, Dr. Ueda was appointed dean shortly after the unsuccessful attempt to close the College of Pharmacy in 1986.

"When I joined the College as Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutics in 1974, I had no idea that I would ever occupy the dean’s position. . . . . . . ever, “ Dr. Ueda said.  "It was never in my career plans.  My career goal was to one day become a department chair.  One of the things that I learned during my career is, 'Never say never.'" 

"As the saying goes, 'The rest is history,'" said Dean Ueda.  "Upon accepting the interim dean position in May 1986, and the dean position the following March, I settled into a role that was totally new, totally foreign, and for which I was totally unprepared.  If the expression, "Look at challenges as opportunities" ever applied, for me, it was that time."

"It's been fun.  I've enjoyed the many new friends and colleagues that I've made over the years.  I’ve especially enjoyed the students, alumni and colleagues who were the sources of inspiration and motivation that made my 20 year tenure as dean memorable and fulfilling," said Dr. Ueda.  "Now, it’s time to do more of the things that I want to do."

A Reception in Dean Ueda’s honor was held at the Omaha Women’s Club on July 27.