Student Spotlight PharmD/MBA

Broderick Olson answers some questions about the PharMD/MBA dual degree program.

How did you hear of our program?

During a Professional Development class Dr. Shaffer talked about the importance of knowing the options we have to further progress our knowledge base after obtaining our PharmDs (residency, fellowships, board certifications, advanced degrees, etc). A new degree program that UNMC was developing was the PharmD/MBA program. Prior to pharmacy school I was very interested in business, even being a finance major to start my undergraduate education, so hearing of the potential to blend my passion for pharmacy and business really clicked with me. I pursued more information from Dr. Shaffer, Dr. Yee, and Lex Kaczmarek which all affirmed my interest in pursuing the MBA.

What appeals to you about getting this dual degree?

I feel that healthcare is rapidly changing. The demands for a more cost efficient healthcare system will only increase in the days to come. Having the PharmD. and MBA will allow me to better navigate through the changing healthcare terrain in order to stay ahead. It will allow me to make better cost-effective, evidence based, medical decisions to benefit the patients health and costs. It is our responsibility, as (future) pharmacists to guide therapeutic decisions for our future patients that are safe, effective, and cost effective

How will this program help you achieve your goals?

My goal is to be a leader in the changing healthcare system. I will have a solid foundation from a therapeutic decision making standpoint, and I will have the analytical mindset to also understand business decision making. This will help me pursue, and succeed, in a managed care position, or play a significant role in many other organizations.

Did this help you become aware of/interested in career goals you hadn’t otherwise been aware of?

I had an idea that I was interested in leading an organization through a managerial position someday. This program has affirmed my feelings, and also opened my eyes to the tremendous need there will be for having the knowledge in pharmaceuticals, business decision making, and essential leadership skills. Further, this program has directed me toward pursuing a career in managed care pharmacy.