ASP Membership

Why become a member?

At UNMC, our APhA-ASP chapter is highly involved in several public health activities. Among these are:

Operation Immunization is a program that involves student training in the administration of vaccines to adolescents and adults. Students participate in immunization clinics at area pharmacies and at The Nebraska Medical Center by administering vaccinations.

Operation Diabetes is an exciting program where students are trained to screen patients for high blood pressure and abnormal blood glucose levels. This program serves the greater Omaha area and reaches out to rural communities across the state. Students travel to rural sites to conduct patient screenings.

The SHARING Clinic gives patients in an underserved area access to quality health care. This clinic is operated by pharmacy students and medical students who actually provide to the patients! Pharmacy students and medical students team together to conduct physical exams and drug therapy evaluations.

Our chapter is also involved in social activities. Social activities are scheduled throughout the year and include:

For the riverboat ride, one of the members’ favorite events, APhA-ASP hires a large riverboat that takes us on a two-hour cruise down the Missouri River.

Membership in APhA-ASP is an excellent opportunity for any pharmacy student. APhA-ASP membership allows you to be involved in one of the most active and award-winning chapters in the country. APhA-ASP offers networking with fellow students and future colleagues through local, regional, and national meetings.