Program FAQ

Can I complete before the 3-month completion timeframe?

Yes-early completion is fine.  A 3-month completion timeframe is given as a basis to keep you on track.  Many students complete well before the 3-month timeframe.  Sometimes extra time is needed where a completion extension beyond the 3-month timeframe is permitted.

How many hours are devoted to each course module? 

This depends on you, because it is self-guided learning.  Based on responses from students who have completed the course, anywhere from 90-minutes to 5 hours per module is needed depending on the module and your level of learning. 

Are textbooks required?


Can you tell me more about the Campus Visit?  How long is it? What does it entail? 

Attending a Campus Visit is the final step to earning NE-CPhT Certification.  You must successfully complete online modules to qualify for a Campus Visit.  The Campus Visits lasts approximately 3-hours and consists of a large-group general session as well as an individualized skills assessment .  Your skills assessment is based on the elective modules you choose to complete.  For example, completion of the Payer Reimbursement & Compliance module is a different skills assessment than completion of the Sterile Compounding module.   There is no paper test at the Campus Visit.

What is the completion rate for the NE-CPhT program?

91% average success rate. 

When is the program offered? 

We start a new group on the 15th of every month.