Program Requirements

Recommended computer software, operating system, and internet speed as follows. The course is delivered via web browser and requires downloading files and viewing videos which requires

  1. high speed internet access which allows internet browsing and video playback,
  2. up to date web browser software (Windows IE, Chrome, Firefox or Safari),
  3. Windows OS 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 or Mac OSX systems and
  4. recommended internet connectivity could be either cable, isdn or at a minimum a 1mb business connection.

One campus visit.

Successful completion of the prerequisite module for candidates who do not meet the 6 months of pharmacy technician work experience admission requirement.

Completion within 3 months from start date. (UNMC recognizes that special circumstances may warrant an extension on completion time).

Prerequisite Module     required modules      elective modules


This Certification offering is delivered online with one campus visit for skills assessment and award of Certification. Participants are expected to view the online lecture and demonstration video, review the handouts, and complete checkpoint assessments. Prior to receipt of Certification, participation in a UNMC COP campus visit at S. 42nd street and Emile Omaha, NE is required.

While this is a complete at your own pace offering, a 90-day/3-month completion time is expected.

Academic Integrity: Maintaining academic integrity is a vital concern of the College of Pharmacy and the UNMC academic community at large. Without strict adherence to the standards of academic integrity, the teaching and learning environment loses validity. Honesty and integrity are a major part of the fabric of professional and ethical standards. An individual claiming to follow professional and ethical codes of conduct would also be expected to adhere to the standards of academic integrity.


Certification fee     $455
     There are no required textbooks, additional testing fees or lab fees.

Prerequisite Module fee     $52
Required for candidates who do not meet the 6 months of pharmacy technician work experience admission requirement.

Pharmacy technicians employed with Nebraska Medicine and UNMC COP students receive a $10 discount.

Payment in full is required at the time of enrollment.