Certification Renewal

Nebraska Pharmacy Technician Certification is designated by the credentialing of NE-CPhT. Certification period is valid for two years at which time Certification must be renewed to remain valid.

Submit Certification renewal request and $50 renewal fee at least 30 days prior to the renewal date indicated on your Certification.  A late renewal request fee of $65 applies for a renewal request less than 30-days prior to your certification expiration date.  Late renewal requests are not guaranteed to process by your certification renewal date.  Request to renew form found here.

Continuing pharmacy education (CPE) is defined by Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) as a structured educational activity designed or intended to support the continuing development of pharmacists and/or pharmacy technicians to maintain and enhance their competence.  Continuing pharmacy education should promote problem solving and critical thinking and be applicable to the practice of pharmacy.

20 hours of CPE are required within each renewal period. CPE must be completed within the 2-year Certification period to be valid for Certification renewal requirements.  CPE Carryover from one renewal period to the next is not accepted.
CPE must be specific to the pharmacy technician scope. Pharmacy technician-specific CPE designated by a ‘T’ on the end of the CPE identification (197-000-06-001-L05-T). Pharmacist CPE may also be accepted when the content is at a level that ties directly to the pharmacy technician’s practice scope.  The required 20 CPE hours must include the following topics:

Pharmacy technicians must maintain verification of CPE hours earned.  Verification typically takes the form of a certificate of completion that lists the activity name, number of CPE hours earned, and identification number.

Pharmacy technicians who do not renew by their renewal date may request reinstatement within 6 months of the lapsed renewal date.  The CPE requirement for reinstatement is the same as the renewal requirement.  Failure to reinstate within the allotted 6 month timeframe requires successful completion of the NE-CPhT Program to regain Certification.  Reinstatement Fee is $80.  Request to reinstate form found here.

The fee to reprint and mail a certificate is $6.00.  The fee for an urgent certificate reprint to be processed within three business days of the request is $27.  Submit Payment and email Judy Neville with your reprint request.