Dr. Thakare

Rhishikesh Thakare, Ph.D. – December 2017

Thesis: In-vitro and In-vivo Models of Bile Acid Metabolism and Transport
Mentor: Yazen Alnouti, Ph.D.
Position: Senior Scientist, Sekisui XenoTech, LLC, Kansas City, KS

Dr. Boonsith

Suthida Boonsith, Ph.D. – August 2017

Thesis: Development of CXCR4 Inhibitors for Topical Treatment of Psoriasis
Mentor: David Oupicky, Ph.D.
Position: Faculty member at department of Chemical Engineering, Mahidol University, Thailand

Dr. Tallapaka

Shailendra Tallapaka, Ph.D. - August 2017

Thesis:  Development of C5AR-Targeted Nanoparticles for Delivery of Vaccines
Mentor: Joseph Vetro, Ph.D.
Current Position:  Postdoctoral Research Associate at University of Kansas in Lawrence

Dr. Jia


Yinnong Jia, Ph.D. - May 2017

Thesis:  Development of Neurotensin-based Radiopharmaceuticals for Neurotensin-receptor-1-positive tumor targeting
Mentor: Jered Garrison, Ph.D.
Current Position:  TBD

Dr. Soni

Kruti Soni, Ph.D. - May 2017

Thesis:  Targeted Delivery of Drug Combinations via Nanocarrriers for Cancer Treatment
Mentor: Tantiana Bronich, Ph.D.
Current Position: Postdoctoral Research Associate in San Diego

Dr. Wen

Di Wen, Ph.D. - May 2017

Thesis:  Delivery of Small Molecule and RNA for the Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes and Prostate Cancer
Mentor:  Ram Mahato, Ph.D.
Current Position:  Postdoctoral Research Associate at North Carolina State University

Dr. Steffensmeier

Calliste Steffensmeier, Ph.D. - August 2016

Thesis:  Stability and Kinetics of DNA Pseudoknots: Formation of T*A●T Base-Triplets and Their Targeting Reactions
Mentor:  Luis Marky, Ph.D.
Current Position:  Postdoctoral Research Associate at UNMC

Dr. Kumar

Virender Kumar, Ph.D. - May 2016

Thesis:  Polymeric nanocarriers for delivery of small molecules and miRNAs for the treatment of liver fibrosis and pancreatic cancer
Mentor:  Ram Mahato, Ph.D.
Current Position:  Postdoctoral Research Associate at UNMC

Dr. Mundra

Vaibhav Mundra, Ph.D. - December 2015

Thesis:  Polymeric Nanocarriers for Treatment of Melanoma and Genetically Modified Mesenchymal Stem Cells to Improve Outcome of Islet Transplantation
Mentor:  Ram Mahato, Ph.D.
Current Position:  Assistant Professor, College of Pharmacy, Manchester University

 Dr. Shi


Wen Shi, Ph.D. - August 2015

Thesis: Development of Polymer Peptide Conjugates for Enhanced Pancreatic Cancer Imaging
Mentor: Jered Garrison, Ph.D.

 Dr. Zhou  

Zhenyuan Zhou, Ph.D. - August 2015

Thesis:  Development of Hypoxia Trapping Enhanced BB2R-Targeted Radiopharmaceutics for Prostate Cancer
Mentor:  Jered Garrison, Ph.D.
Current Position:  Duke University

 Dr. Wakaskar  

Rajesh Wakaskar, Ph.D. - May 2015

Thesis: Effect of peripheral shell cross-linking on the efficacy of the hydrophobic vascular disrupting agent physically loaded in core-shell polymeric micelles
Mentor: Joe Vetro, Ph.D.
Current Position: Formulation Scientist at Insys Therapeutics, Inc.

 Dr. Karuturi  

Bala Vamsi Karuturi, Ph.D. - December 2014

Thesis: Development of EP67-based mucosal vaccines against cytomegalovirus infection
Mentor: Joe Vetro, Ph.D.
Current Position: Process Development Scientist at Mylan

 Dr. Ambardekar  

Vishakha Ambardekar, Ph.D. - August 2013

Thesis: Cholesterol-siRNA polyplexes of polycation-polyethylene glycol diblock copolymers for cancer therapy
Mentor: Joe Vetro, Ph.D.
Current Position: Research Scientist at Lupin Limited

 Dr. Davda  

Jasmine Davda, Ph.D. - September 2007

Thesis:  Pharmacokinetic Modeling of Therapeutic Antibodies
Mentor: Peter Gwilt, Ph.D.
Current Position:  Pfizer, Inc.

 Dr. Panyam  

Jayanth Panyam, Ph.D. - December 2003

Thesis:  Biodegradable nanoparticles for the prevention of restenosis
Mentor:  Vinod Labhasetwar, Ph.D.
Current Position:  Endowed Professor in Targeted Drug Delivery &
Head, Department of Pharmaceutics, College of Pharmacy, University of Minnesota