Biopharmaceutical Research & Development Symposium

4th Annual Biopharmaceutical Research & Development Symposium

Dates:  September 7-8, 2017

Registration Deadline and abstract submission:  August 21, 2017


UNMC Center for Drug Discovery
Lozier Center for Pharmacy Sciences and Education
2nd Floor (Room 2006)
4040 Emile Street
Omaha, NE


The need for “personalized medicines” has opened the doors for turning nucleic acids into therapeutics. The possibility of applying genome-editing methods to treat diseases has attracted an enormous amount of scientific, clinical and commercial interest. Translating this potential into reality will require collaboration between scientists working on optimization of genome-editing techniques, gene therapy and drug delivery. With the aim of nurturing this collaboration and student learning objectives, the College of Pharmacy at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) is organizing the 4th Annual Biopharmaceutical Research & Development Symposium on September 7-8, 2017. This two-day symposium will include speakers from each of these distinct scientific communities. At this symposium, leaders in the field of genome-editing, drug delivery, polymer chemistry, biophysics, clinicians, bioinformatics and genetics can discuss the pros and cons of genome-editing and their use for precision medicines and bioimaging. Through talks, poster session and panel of discussion, this meeting will help identify the scientific, clinical and regulatory hurdles that remain to be overcome. In addition, two post-doctoral and two pre-doctoral graduates will be selected to give an oral presentation. Pre/Post-doctoral graduates will be encouraged to make poster presentation. This symposium will provide a unique opportunity to the faculty, post-docs, graduate students, women, minorities, and individuals with disabilities of local and national universities to have discussions with scientists from industries on the topics of mutual interest.

Goals and Objectives

This symposium will highlight different facets of developing tools for precision genome-engineering in humans for therapeutic and diagnosis of genetic disorders. Translation of precision medicine-based nanotechnologies from bench research to clinical practice is vital; this symposium aims at facilitating such developments. The following issues related to nucleic acid-based “personalized medicines” will be discussed at this symposium:

Who should attend?

Scientists in both academia and industry who desire to learn the current issues and perspectives in the practice of “Genome Editing and Silencing for Precision Medicines” from scientific, industrial and regulatory perspectives.

Abstract criteria

Reports of original data should include an abstract of no more than 500 words including background, methods, results and conclusions. Figures and illustrations are not allowed. As font, please use Arial, size 11. Abstracts chosen for poster presentation at the symposium must be prepared in advance on a poster board, 8 feet wide by 4 feet high (2.44 x 1.22 meters) (Landscape Orientation).

Confirmed Speakers:

Planning Committee:

Ram Mahato, Ph.D., University of Nebraska Medical Center
Tatiana K. Bronich, Ph.D., University of Nebraska Medical Center